The World: A subtle slant to Trump

In today’s Wall Street Journal (Sept. 10), Walter Hussman wrote a very trenchant essay on the very relevant need to provide a genre of “impartiality” in its presentation of news. Since the transfer of The Wenatchee World to other ownership, I have unfortunately noticed a subtle slant in the direction of the Trump administration.

What triggered my interest was the cartoon depicting currently infirmed Justice Ginsburg intimating that she is not able to perform her judicial duties. It sardonically depicts Democrats carrying sad health nostrums vis-à-vis her health (it reeks of sarcasm). The Wenatchee World, in its previous ownership, seldom, if ever presented such cruel depictions in cartoon or any other journalistic form.

According to Mr. Hussman, the attrition of U.S. newspapers over the past 15 years has been the demise of some 1,800 newspapers. “Any of the surviving midsize newspapers are mere shadows of what they were.” Mr. Hussman, went on to say, Americans now perceive “wide-spread” bias in news reporting, both written and electronic.

He further postulates that the effort of presenting both sides, is the “false equivalency of TRUTH. Truth America demands now, more than ever. Unfortunately, the professional execution of putative veracity is influenced by such outlets like the FAIR AND BALANCED trope babbling series on FOX news.

It is with a heavy heart that I notice such a “gestalt shift” with new owners of the once proud and veracious newspaper

(i.e. The Wenatchee World) and the current prima facie “fair and balanced” version, or maybe the emperor really does have new clothes.

Terry Elwell