Thanks for helping get Max home

I am wanting to write a thank you letter to basically the entire city of Wenatchee, and in particular to the Wenatchee Police Department, for everyone’s help in catching and returning our runaway dog on Monday, Aug. 26.

He made a very sneaky escape from his groomer’s cage, made use of a slightly opened door for the fresh air that morning and took off running.

Thanks to very kind drivers, a panicked groomer, our daughter called in on the chase, neighbors along the way who pointed out which way he had gone — which was a long way for an old dog not used to running long distances! — drivers who turned on their flashers to alert other drivers and best of all the Wenatchee Police Department, Max made it home and all in one piece. For this, I am eternally grateful. Thank you!

Gail Hoxworth


‘Supplements’ report overly simplistic

The Aug. 25 Washington Post Weekly story “Why kids should avoid supplements” omits several citations of valuable information. Unfortunately, the conclusions are overly simplistic. Definitive nutritional information is still neither adequately nor completely covered in most medical schools. The definitive resource for such information is Nutritional Medicine by Alan R Gaby, M.D. In thousands of references, Gaby cites myriads of controlled studies in the tome’s 350 pages. To give one example: many antibiotics destroy not only noxious bacteria but normal intestinal organisms as well. It makes scientific sense to resupply these normal organisms with a brief course of probiotics after completion of the course of antibiotics. This is still not a standard protocol.

Dr. Robert A. Anderson

East Wenatchee

A letter to Jay Inslee

Now that you have wasted so much of our taxpayer money on this boondoggle to pump up your ego, what are your plans to reimburse the citizens for all the monies spent, to include the extra income provided to the lieutenant governor while you were neglecting your job here in this state? If this were the private sector, he would have been fired or — if he had any conscience — he would have done the right thing, he would have resigned and not taken any public money. But we all know what Jay is.

Dale Sterling