Sounds good but details, please

I’d like to thank an apparent west-sider (Snohomish resident), for submitting their thoughts to The World. I like to hear other people’s views and perspectives, but 100 percent of the time, such letters initially sound very good, but they leave a lot of the “how it will be implemented, and paid for, and who will pay for it out of the equation presented to the public.

Isn’t it simple common sense that, before we nod in agreement, we need to know how much the “proposer” is going to reach around and take from our pocket to accomplish the proposal, or, as in recent remarks by a new east side representative, who stated he doesn’t want to raise anyone’s taxes but plans to accomplish his plans by moving funds around.

“Oh!” Some will nod in agreement, “that makes sense,” which was my initial reaction, but . . .hmm, what funds are being moved from where, and how much?

No details given.

We need to stop scrolling through our smart phones, watching our favorite programs, or even being overly involved in activities, long enough to get to the bottom of what’s rapidly emptying our pockets proposed by a wealthy person who’s smiling and assuring us “Oh! It’s only a small increase.” (We’ve had a lot of those).

I’d love it if the Snohomish writer would get back to us with exactly where funding for the child care proposal would come from, as well as “the 20 percent increase in funding that would help nearly 400,000 families get services leading to a roof over their heads.”

Do you remember recently the Seattle Times article stating “New milestone in King County: Immigrant population tops 500,000? ” Rising costs are affected by supply and demand, right?

You’ve heard about the “constantly crappy” streets in leftist cities like San Fran and now Seattle, right? A “shining” sample of cities that have become fully-possessed by leftists.

Watch your step and hold your nose. I propose Nancy Pelosi donate her salary to installing toilets throughout her you-know-whatty city. Maybe Seattle should do the same?

Dwight Needens


Loop Trail: Wenatchee’s jewel

We visited your beautiful city today and wanted to give you our impression. We had been here a couple of years ago in October on a cold wet day. We walked the river park at that time and said we have to come back.

Today, we rode the 10-mile Loop Trail. What a wonderful asset to your community that has been created. We were amazed and most impressed.

When many cities have allowed commercial and residential development along waterways while restricting access to the public, you and other agencies had the foresight to preserve this beauty for all and for ever. Congratulations. The parks and sport facilities on the west side are wonderful. Benches to enjoy the view all along the trail.

If our legs were not so sore this afternoon, we would do the ride again tomorrow.

Thank you Wenatchee. You should be most proud of this jewel.

We shall be back and will make sure our friends and family experience this as well.

Rick and Karen Hall

Kelowna, B.C., Canada