When the left fielder went missing

In regards to Ian Dunn’s article on Chris Scott in the Oct. 15 paper (Wenatchee native Chris Scott elected to EWU Hall of Fame).

Chris was on my 10-year-old Little League baseball team as a left fielder. The other team was up and we were out in the field.

Back then, Little League park was not as nice as it is now. Left field was near Cherry Street, the concession stand and bathrooms. I checked the players in the field to make sure all were in the right place. All was fine. First batter up hit a ball to left field and, no Chris. He was nowhere. I stopped the game in a panic.

Chris was there a minute ago. With left field so close to Cherry Street, did someone kidnap him? His parents were still there, but he was not with them. People were looking for him but no Chris. I was sick thinking someone must have taken him from the field and no one saw it happen.

Then here come Chris out of the toilet buttoning up his pants and yelled to me, “Coach, I had to pee.”

Bill Cass

East Wenatchee

Schrier upholding truth, justice and democracy

A Safety Valve letter on Nov. 6 stated opposition to U.S. Rep. Kim Schrier’s vote to pursue an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

Despite what Fox News and other Trump supporters may say, the reason for the inquiry is not to invalidate the 2016 election of “a duly elected president.”

In truth, it is investigating ways in which the president has sought help from a foreign country (Ukraine, not to mention Russia) in undermining his political rivals — a breach of the Constitution. Edmund Randolph, one of the Constitution’s framers, explicitly connected impeachment to foreign money, saying that a president “may be impeached” if discovered “receiving emoluments [help] from foreign powers.”

I, for one, am grateful to our representative in Congress for upholding truth, justice, fairness, transparency and democracy.

Chris Rader


Shooting of dog goes unpunished

Is anyone else having a problem with one person getting seven months for killing two kittens and a guy shoots a dog three times leaving the poor little guy to die alone in the woods getting no penalty whatsoever and is allowed to keep his job for Chelan County?

Amber Parmley