Vote for Tom Dent in the 13th

I am writing this letter in support of state Rep. Tom Dent of the 13th District.

Our family farming operation has worked with Tom and Dayna Dent for over 30 years until they sold their Aerial Application business. Our experience with Tom and Dayna has always been positive. They consistently made the effort to surpass our expectations. When Tom would fly our fields they would always double check to verify that they had the right field , check wind conditions and verify what we were spraying for.

As our children were growing up, we would see Tom and Dayna helping with 4-H events and with the Grant County Fair. They were also active at the Republican Booth and with Republican events. When we had an irrigation well failure and needed to drill a replacement well, the state Department of Ecology was slow in responding to our emergency needs and became a roadblock moving forward. Tom Dent intervened for us working promptly through the roadblock which allowed us to drill the replacement well and save our crops.

In conclusion, Representative Dent has served our communities well and continues to serve with dignity, honor, respect and always goes the extra mile to help out. For example Tom and Dayna are taking hay to farmers who have been impacted by the fires this fall to feed their livestock.

Tom Dent of the 13th District has all the right stuff and I would encourage everyone to vote for Tom in the upcoming election.



Vote for Adrianne Moore

We recently had the opportunity to meet with Adrianne Moore on a community Zoom call.

Such opportunities have the advantage of revealing much about a person — so much better than a campaign flyer or Website. What we found was a truly passionate, caring, energetic, articulate, and authentic individual. We know these many qualities have helped her succeed in reaching across political lines and getting things accomplished.

She has developed relationships and partnerships with police and health care workers, FEMA, tribal entities, orchardists and churches, to name a few.

Because of her interest, enthusiasm and authenticity she has gained the respect of many in coordinating increased access to health and mental care, acquiring funds to improve the health of our eastside forests, addressing youth homelessness and affordable childcare, helping underserved communities, and developing long term recovery programs for people affected by fire. We fully believe Adrianne Moore has all our best interests at heart and will be a formidable voice of the 12th District.



Two sets of justice in America

It’s illegal to bring apple maggots into our area. Will Jay Inslee be charged? No, because there are two sets of justice in America.