Parks don’t mix well

I’ve kept an open mind about the new skate park in Wenatchee, but it’s rapidly closing.

First, the non-thinking “planners” set it up so dog folk would have to walk past it. Not the best idea, but my dog is worth the extra hassle. Except it’s growing in problems which I now know are the reasons no one wants a skate park in their neighborhood.

There is not enough for skaters and walkers (but three disabled spots?).

Used to be I’d get annoyed at dog folk who didn’t pick up after their dogs — now I’m adding littering skate boarders. Today, I passed a condom (in the wrapper thankfully), three large areas of vomit and an empty can of energy drink — as if picking up other folks’ dog poop wasn’t bad enough! I now pick up more litter than dog poop, and there are trash cans in the parking area and at the gate of the dog park. C’mon folks, don’t litter and pick up after your dogs! I think we need two signs in the skate area with trash cans under each.

Finally, skaters seem to think they can bring their dogs and let them run around off leash while they skate. Ahem, the rule is on leash or in the dog park — period.

Certainly, no one will consider a restroom if the crowd likely to use it are slobs.

What was a pleasant walk to the dog park has become a dump. And, of course, there are the “it’s not my dog” dog piles, but there was little to no litter before the skate park was put in. Now, the litter far exceeds the dog piles and the boarders take all the parking, so I’ll blame them for the litter.

Sharon Muir


Wenatchee School Board

Support for Meliesa Tigard

I will vote for Meliesa Tigard because she is a true independent thinker. Those who know her can attest to the fact that she is true to herself and not one to follow the crowd. While her peers were out there getting jobs, she chose to build her own business from the ground up.

She listened to Wenatchee parents and rewrote her whole program to make it work for our valley. When her students could not calculate, she invented her own highly effective system, Math Mapping.

Building her business required her to set up her own office, market her business, hire and train staff, balance the budget, pay bills, and make projections for her expected income, all while raising her child as a single mom.

Critical thinking and continual evaluation of the effectiveness of her methods has helped her provide excellence in education both in her business and also as a guest teacher for the Wenatchee School District.

She has worked successfully with people across the whole political spectrum, listening to different points of view, and she has supporters from all across that spectrum. Meliesa wants your child to thrive, and that is something we all want. Her hard work has also helped her build a successful business and make a positive impact in the lives of many of our students, parents, and teachers.

Let’s put an educator who has dedicated the last 20 years of her life to excellence in education on our school board. Meliesa Tigard is that person. Please join me in voting for Meliesa Tigard for Wenatchee School Board.

Sabrina Gage


Support for Martin Barron

Wenatchee School District voters have the chance to elect Martin Barron to our school board in a few weeks. Mr. Barron is a rare individual with his combination of education, experience, energy and motivation to work for our community in this role.

We have known Martin and his family for more than 25 years. We met as school volunteers with young children and became good friends.

Martin has conducted his campaign as he intends to work if elected. He has devoted his time every day preparing for the job. Though he had shown himself to be successful in business and in helping educate and guide his own children through Wenatchee public schools, he has doubled down on learning the role of a school board, meeting and listening to the concerns of people throughout the community, and considering how best to assist in solving the problems and improving public education for all students.

In our long experience with the Barron family, they work hard with fairness and integrity for everyone on the team. We will happily cast our votes for Martin Barron.

Suzi and Kevin Pitts


Support for Sunny Hemphill

I am writing in support of the re-election of Sunny Hemphill to the Wenatchee School Board.

Sunny is a passionate and articulate advocate for important causes related to education in our district. As I have had the chance to work with her over the years on issues of mutual interest, her commitment to the welfare of children has always stood out in my mind. Every issue she confronts in her current role always begins and ends with the question “what is best for the school children of Wenatchee.”

Sunny has injected a dose of accountability in our district that has been missing for years. Sometimes such a strident approach and commitment can be difficult for others to understand. However, I am glad that she is fighting for my kids.

If you want a dedicated, thoughtful and relentless advocate for your children’s education, join me in supporting Sunny Hemphill for re-election.

Clark Hansen