Recycle the newspaper plastic bags

I just wanted to suggest to a recent letter writer, who says plastic bags are trash. I have subscribed to The World since 1972, and when the paper started coming in bags, I was very happy to have a nice dry paper... and I started saving those bags; I just use one as a container and stuff it full. This takes a while to do, but when it is full, I put the entire thing in the paper box. I understand that carriers have to pay for them, so I give them back.

Not a single carrier has ever refused to take them and (I hope ) re-use them to save a few dollars. If these bags are banned, how will we get dry papers in winter or when it rains? I also save the rubber bands and return them as well. Don’t ban, recycle and re-use them for their intended purpose!

Steve Barone

East Wenatchee

School lessons

Here’s what’s wrong with schools and educational system:

  • Identifying who the customers are: School board, admin, teachers or students, community and taxpayers
  • Having a board that is agenda-driven and not results-driven
  • Steady rising cost per student, which is among highest in state — well above adjoining districts. The McCleary decision and throwing money at it is not solution. WEA is inhibiting reform.

Graduation rates of students: I have no worry of those on running start, applying for higher education, trade schools. I do have serious concerns about a high percentage of students, many Hispanic, who struggle to get a diploma. For these students, it is very critical that they get a diploma to move into the workforce with a chance to move up the ladder. If this is not accomplished, we create a low wage population that ultimately reduces average family income in the community. We are creating a workforce that may not meet business needs and damages the community.

There is far too much political and social emphasis in the system as opposed to the proverbial three Rs and good education. This comes directly from the board, admin and in some cases teachers. Stop the crusade against soda straws and like agendas in school system.

As a solution, I would suggest the board issue direct measures to reconcile. No more salary increases for any admin or teachers until measurable results are reached. Drivers maintenance may receive increases as are not the problem.

As I look back, these very issues may have been the real reason the recent H.S. levy failed. It should not be put up again until the path ahead is clear.

Yes, I am a customer, a fed up taxpayer.

Roger R. Wristen