Assaulting conservatives with anti-Trump opinions

Really?! The entire opinion page in the April 28 weekend edition consisted of 3 large, blatantly anti-Trump articles, replete with sarcasm, scoffing and disrespect for our duly elected President. To say that the articles were factually incorrect also would be an understatement. More conservative, rational minded people feel assaulted, insulted, and dismissed.

Why? This liberal mean spirited vitriol seems to be everywhere in the media, yet it reflects a point of view not shared by most.

Recently we received in the mail a free “sample” of a newspaper available weekdays digitally and weekends in print, “The Epoch Times.” It touts “just pure, traditional journalism, covering news that other media ignore.” I found that it contained interesting articles on a variety of subjects, and even some truthful political reporting.

One small headline was “The Attempted Coup Against Trump.” No misalignment of facts, no heavy handed political ideology distorting and warping a straightforward story. Refreshing! Another article was “Political Censorship; How the Left is Trying to Frame MAGA Hats as Symbols of Hate.”

Truly, diversity of opinion is readily available if it is sought out, and this paper can foster respectful dialogue representing a wide array of thought, especially on the Opinion/Editorial page. I hate to see it fall so far short.

Jorja Starr