A1 article on gays shamefully wrong

My children read The World as part of their education.

I don’t appreciate the front-page article on gays and lesbians.

We are Christians and think this is shamefully wrong. No wonder you are losing readers.

Charles Bechard

East Wenatchee

Support nurses

In response to the Washington senator’s comment about nurses.

Since January, I have been in two hospitals six emergency visits, six hospitals for two strokes, open heart surgery, seizures both carotid arteries repaired and the necessary rehab. All I ever found was professional dedicated and concerned nurses everywhere I was. My welfare was their main concern.

I hope the WA voters will see fit to vote that uninformed senator out of office.

Gene Cantrell


Editor’s Note: State Sen. Maureen Walsh (R- Walla Walla) drew national criticism for comments that nurses “probably play cards for a considerable amount of the day” during debates on a bill that regulates meals, breaks and mandatory overtime for nurses.

Help, no! But she’ll find fault!

It’s heartbreaking. While The Wenatchee World still sports a slogan like “Fiercely Independent,” the evidence indicates they’ve joined the ranks of those who’ve sold out to socialism and are using the example of those who rose to power in Germany in World War II, moving forward in the programming process by exalting and favoring articles and opinions of one side of the spectrum with just a sprinkle of letters and articles of those of another perspective so they can still claim they’re unbiased. So sad.

While many articles are often not original but are taken from other publications around the country, citing where they were taken from you know what their perspective will be before you read the article.

Hmmm, for balance, how about some stories from Judicial Watch, the ACLJ, or The Drudge Report (with full context, that is!)?

Congresswoman Frederica Wilson was recently interviewed on CNN claiming that children in migrant processing centers were in prison. She complained the beds were too close together and the girls were immediately across the hall from the boys.

With her makeup and hair perfect and her cowboy hat, outfit and accessories looking like she’d just stepped out of a design studio, she arrogantly declared the facility needs to be shut down!

Isn’t the job of a congressperson supposed to be doing things for their own district? In case you don’t know, she’s supposed to be “representing” Florida’s 24th District; but when she’s on the news, it sounds like the undocumented are her only constituents.

Hmmm . . . is she colluding with Mexico and/or other Latin American countries? Ms. Wilson gave absolutely no suggestions as to what could/would or should be done if the facility were closed. Think about that.

It’s easy to find fault but those who are griping the loudest do not present even one possible solution. Do they really care about the matter or are they simply seizing the opportunity to stir up the masses?

If Ms. Wilson wants to be proactive, she can start working across the aisle and help at the border. They need babysitters!

Dwight Needens


Change needed at Fish and Wildlife

After reading “The agency you never heard of,” I believe the title of the story should have read “The agency that never gets anything done.”

There was nothing in the article that gave me any confidence that salmon fishing will improve in the years to come.

It’s time for new take-charge leadership that can rise above Washington State politics and get the job done.

Fred Weiss