Boot ‘Doonsbury’ or move it to editorial page

It was sad to read of The Wenatchee World’s announcement that it was going to a four-day-a-week publication schedule.

But the business reasons, all of which are known only to the owners and operators of The World, must have been made for the survival of The World. The World is a valued part of our community. I wish you well.

The announcement included a statement that “Our comics and puzzles will change.”

I would suggest one change that, for me at least, is long over due. Please take this opportunity to eliminate from your publication “Doonesbury” by Gary Trudeau.

This Sunday’s presentation is a grand example of why cutting the offensive left-wing blather needs to happen. At the very least, move the offensive “Comic” strip to the editorial page.

The World needs to stop pretending that Doonesbury is a comic strip. It is nothing other than a leftest diatribe against all things conservative. The anti-Trump drumbeat, and the mocking of religion has gone on long enough. This week’s use of “The Easter Bunny” (a mythical creature brought into being for the enjoyment of children of all ages) was repugnant! A smoking, mercenary Easter Bunny? Hey, there are limits.

Have the “artist” and the publisher no shame? The time has come to give this offensive strip the boot it so richly deserves. Best wishes,



II Chronicles 7:13–14

I like many of you have been taking walks. It’s great to be outside in this beautiful season enjoying the flowers and trees coming to life again.

Something I’ve noticed on my walks is all the chalk art, window messages, and even banners that encourage us to stay strong, be safe, we can do this etc. you know, you have seen them. These have been created with the best intentions and I appreciate them. However the truth is this virus is continuing to claim lives every day, we do not have control over this terrible pestilence. Looking within ourselves to conquer this enemy is not working.

Friends, it is time to wake up and look to God, the creator of the heavens and earth and cry out for His help. II Chronicles 7:13–14 says: “If I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or if I command the locusts to devour the land or if I send a pestilence among My people, and My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray, and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

Today is a day of prayer for our nation, today is a day you can repent of sin and turn to God. His is waiting to hear from all of us



Widen the road to Mission Ridge

I think the Mission Ridge expansion is necessary for several reasons. First, it increases the terrain available for beginner skiers. Second, it provides a satellite base that will relieve the congestion at the existing base. Third, it provides a groomed cross-country ski area. However, the expansion needs to modified.

First, an additional uphill lane needs to be constructed on the Mission Ridge road from its intersection with the Squilchuck State Park Road to the Mission Ridge Lodge. The proposed expansion will greatly increase the traffic going to the Ridge.

That traffic will include more buses and more vendors delivering products. In addition, there will be more vehicles not suitable for mountain travel in snow and more drivers not accustomed to driving in winter conditions. All these vehicles will be traveling slowly; and unless a second lane is constructed, traffic will quickly become backed up and probably stopped. Once stopped on an uphill, icy road these vehicles may not be able to continue thus creating a logjam. Plus, drivers will be tempted to pass slow-moving vehicles in dangerous

locations thereby increasing the probability of accidents and further delays.

This traffic congestion will hamper the ability of emergency vehicles to reach the base area. On the main Squilchuck Road just down canyon from the turn off to Squilchuck State Park Road, there is a second uphill lane.

If an uphill lane is warranted in this location, it is certainly warranted on the remainder of the road to the Lodge. Second, the expansion is too large. Its 4,000 bed-proposal would create a town bigger than Cashmere. Such a large increase in population will fundamentally alter the character of this area. A more modest expansion in the neighborhood of 1,000 beds to 1,500 beds would be more appropriate.



Community Conversations Survey

The World has launched a SURVEY to better understand your needs around community conversations.
 By taking the survey, you'll be entered into a drawing to win one of five $100 gift cards from Wenatchee/East Wenatchee businesses Hooked on Toys, Fred Meyer, Safeway, Albertsons or Target!

Restrictions are becoming punitive

I’d like to suggest that if the government is hell bent on spending money it doesn’t have (via stimulus), how about sending it to small businesses that are being kept closed or minimally open because of this virus? And, make it easy for them to get assistance.

As individuals, we can’t support a business that is shut or even cover their loss from having to move to minimal hours “to stop the spread.”

We don’t need “trickle down” economics at a time when so many at the ground level are being sacrificed. We have a plethora of large “super stores” and chain retailers; and they have adequate backing.

It’s those owners who ran in the black for years and who didn’t call on the tax payers for bailouts who must be appreciated and rewarded; and now, a tad bit supported for jobs well done. Tax money should be sent to those small folks who struggled and stayed in the black and felt the death knell when the economy was shut. They are our soul and future, and we need to help them through this. Huge companies will survive with minimal — if any — impact to their bottom line (hell, they just pass on the pain to us with inflated prices), but the neighborhood stores and local retailers are worth it. They need and deserve our attention and support.



Sex ed law overrides decisions by parents

Sex education traditionally involved anatomy, adolescent development and reproductive physiology, i.e. the “birds and the bees,” presented in the context of biological

science. This is not the focus of the Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) law

recently passed by the state legislature and quickly signed into law by Governor Inslee.

As stated by Planned Parenthood, authors of the CSE curricula, “Our approach includes an emphasis on sexual expression, sexual fulfillment, and sexual pleasure. This represents a shift away from methodologies that focus exclusively on the reproductive aspects of adolescent sexuality.” Indeed.

Reproduction — pregnancy — is presented as merely a negative side effect of one of many

types of sexual activity, avoided by alternative sexual behavior, readily available and unreliable contraceptives, and ultimately abortions provided by Planned Parenthood (that will be $800, please).

The psychological, emotional, spiritual and physical effects of adolescent sexuality are ignored in the interest of sexual activity — legitimized, normalized and celebrated by materials supporting this curriculum. This is not sex education but extreme sexuality propaganda.

Does “age-appropriate” instruction include urging primary students to choose their own

gender? Instructing fourth-graders to research wet dreams and penis size online? Should

middle school and high school students be taught that “abstinence” includes masturbation and high risk sexual activity once referred to as “foreplay”?

These activities, graphically outlined and encouraged, lead directly to sexual experimentation, heartache, disease, pregnancy and abortion.

Our state mandates no specific curricula for math, history, science or English. The only curriculum mandated is this controversial sexuality indoctrination championed by the LGBTQ Caucus. This law overrides decisions by parents and school boards to develop and use of sex education curricula more suited to local community standards.

To put Referendum 90 on the November ballot, 130,000 signatures are needed by June

10. Sign the petition at a location found on the Wenatchee Right to Life website. Help

protect the innocence of our children, and pray God can save the soul of our culture.