Driving through Wenatchee may be hazardous to your health

Driving down from Fancher Heights I looked across the river and saw a scary sight. From my point of view it was North Wenatchee Avenue. It was a long, shiny, slow moving mass made of rubber, steel and glass.

Over my body swept a wave of despair for I knew that I would soon be there.

It was on North Miller Street where I joined the fray. It would be my longest day. the light changed twice for me to go, but there was no traffic flow.

Suddenly, on the other side, I am catapulted there by a big Dodge Ram.

At the light at the next block, I got introduced to grid lock. Slowly going by Dusty’s In and Out, I could see that you might get in but there was no way out.

What really caught my eye was an upside down car being pushed by a Semi. I thought that driver was awfully rough. As he went by, he was yelling “I’ve had enough.”

Waiting at the stoplight at SAV-MART, suddenly across my hood flew the front end parts off a dodge dart.

To be down here at five o’clock is inane, as I observed two cars on their sides in the left turn lane.

Then, out of nowhere, Ker-bango! I was side swiped by a Dodge Durango.

I caught a glimpse of the bus stop just before a lady took it out in one pop.

Crossing the bridge, I felt lucky to still have my hide — even though my car is 13 inches shorter and not as wide.

For this mess on the avenue, I don’t know who to thank but next time I have to drive it, I want to be riding in a sherman tank.

David Love

East Wenatchee