Eastmont provides an excellent education

Every time I see the school board election signs by the Dawes campaign that say, “Our kids deserve better,” my blood boils.

My husband and I were educated in the Eastmont School District as were my children and we are all caring, contributing citizens. I was also a teacher and an administrator in the district, so I have real insight as to how dedicated the entire district is in working to provide an excellent education for the students of Eastmont.

We all want the best for our children, but this sign implies that students will not have a good education until this person is elected. That is just not true. What a negative outlook to bring to Eastmont.

I have had phone conversations with both candidates and my vote is going to John “Stew” Steward Jr. He plans to support the district, work to make improvements as needed and do so in a positive way.

Susan L. Kane

East Wenatchee

Enough already — yield

Am I the only one who actually yields at the signs coming into a round-a-bout? Going to and from Wenatchee, you are going to come to a round-a-bout. Just because the road used to be a straight shot does not mean you can ignore the yield signs.

If a vehicle is waiting for traffic to clear to get into the circle, yield and let them do so. I am getting tired of obscene gestures and horn honking when I allow the first driver to a yield sign coning into a round-a-bout get into the circle. Yield the right of way. Just because the road/street/highway used to go straight does not mean you can keep someone at a yield sign forever because you think the old highway rules apply.

Yield — be considerate or stop driving.

Byron Herrick


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