Leave our kids out of your politics

Schools in the state of Washington and Wenatchee and East Wenatchee are not supposed to be political.

I hope the Republican Party is real proud of themselves for trying to change this. Our kids deserve better than this. They are not political pawns to be used by adults who should know better. The Republicans decided to use our kids for their political gain by endorsing people in this last school board election. CRT is not taught here so quit pretending it is.

Leave our kids out of your politics and let them be kids

Rick Holt

East Wenatchee

Honor vets by working together

I would like thank all the veterans for their sacrifices — past and present — in the name of the American way and freedom.

Throughout our history, men and women of all colors, religious and cultural backgrounds as well as sexual orientation have sacrificed to protect the American ideal of freedom. To keep freedom for all, we must act with respect, humility, the awareness that our actions not only affect those near to us, but our fellow Americans and global neighbors.

Keeping a free and democratic society is messy, challenging and difficult. Good, respectful debates and discussions are necessary. History teaches us that oppression of groups based on religion, socioeconomic status, color, race, gender and cultural differences does not result in a truly free society.

Exclusionary principles, combined with divisive black and white messaging have resulted in great atrocities in the past-which our veterans sacrificed to end. Safeguards that ensure opportunities for all members of a society to achieve a better life, feel safe, have the right to vote, and are respected equitably are at the foundation of a functional democracy.

The United States is an amazing country with people from a variety of backgrounds, cultures and opinions. Freedom of speech is a guiding principle, but it comes with a responsibility to read and think critically.

My hope is that we can try to move away from divisiveness, and use our freedom to work together — to contribute to solving the complex issues we face. That would be the best way to honor our veterans.

Nancy Bywater


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