Mission Ridge expansion mostly on private land

Tamarack Saddle is marketing an “expansion” to Mission Ridge Ski Area.

I took a good look at the Forest Service’s Mission Ridge Expansion Project: Draft Environment Analysis — February 2020 — and here is what I found:

There will be an expansion, however it will represent a very modest increase to skiable terrain, somewhere in the neighborhood of 37 acres, an increase of less than 2% addition to the 2,080 acres currently available.

I have heard and seen various larger numbers used for the size of the expansion, but what is important to realize is all but 37 acres are already skiable terrain, much in the area currently named “Otto’s Outback.”

The “expansion” is actually a 4,000-pillow resort on private land adjacent to Mission Ridge Ski & Board Resort.

Jamie Tackman

East Wenatchee

Adrianne Moore is a leader

Adrianne Moore is a true leader.

In the years I worked alongside Adrianne at a social service organization, 2008-2016, I saw her exercise both confidence and curiosity. I watched her take initiative in responding to the Carlton Complex fires that rocked our rural region in Washington. In that time, she worked both on the ground with those suffering losses and with community leaders to create an organized, effective response to the crisis. The long-term recovery group, which she helped create, is still serving our community during the current health crisis.

Adrianne has long partnered with our school district and recognizes the importance of adequate funding and strengthening of schools in rural counties. She is ready to speak out for all schools in District 12 while attending the budgeting discussions in Olympia.

Adrianne takes a stand for the people she represents. After decades in the social service field, she understands what people need and she is ready to advocate for all of us at the state level.

Adrianne listens. She is compassionate. She doesn’t leave people behind; she inspires and brings people along, just as she is doing in her robust campaign for District 12 House Representative.

She’s bright, creative and energetic. She demonstrates courage and has the fortitude to make things happen for the people of our state, from schools to health care to child care, Adrianne knows what the people in her district need.

Please join me in voting for Adrianne Moore for House Representative.

Kelleigh McMillan