Soldiers of Jan. 6 vs. soldiers of 1776

There is a huge overlap between misinformed U.S. soldiers fighting bad guys abroad and later on, still misinformed, fighting “bad guys” at home at events like the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

Soldiers fighting in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan didn’t know much about the history, culture, religion, or politics of the people whose soils they were occupying. They were told then by their military commanders to just go and fight, that they were doing what was right. We all learned later on that those wars weren’t right.

Rather than spend all that patriotic emotion attending rallies like the recent one at the Capitol on Sept. 18, they would have done much better to have attended their own states’ annual Constitution Day activities the day before, on Sept. 17.

They might have learned something that would have given them pause. It is not enough to merely be commanded, one must also be informed.

Kimball Shinkoskey

Woods Cross, Utah

(Seasonal Chelan County resident)

A balanced school board benefits our students

Students thrive when a school board reflects its community. Wenatchee School District has about 7,600 students and the demographic breakdown is 50% Latinx (Latino/Latina), 45% White, and 5% Other. One in four students is transitional bilingual, and many more have families that primarily speak Spanish at home.

Currently, the Wenatchee School Board has only one Latinx member: Maria Iñiguez. She is running in the school board election this fall to retain her seat, and is the only Latinx candidate remaining after the primary election last month.

Since Maria was appointed to the Wenatchee School Board in January 2020, she has been vital to bringing the voice of Wenatchee’s Latinx students to policy discussions. Not only does Maria have the personal experience of being a first-generation Mexican-American and an English Language Learner, but she also has 16 years of professional experience in education. Her reputation on the school board is that of collaboration and fiscal responsibility, and she has demonstrated a commitment to supporting public health guidelines that keep our students in face-to-face learning.

Maria advocates for all our students to receive the support they need to succeed, and we are fortunate to have her personal and professional perspective to help guide our school board’s decisions.

My husband and I choose to send our children to Wenatchee School District, and we see the great value that Maria brings to the board. Please vote to retain Maria Iñiguez for the Wenatchee School Board, Position 2.

Eloise Barshes

East Wenatchee

Thank you, Adrienne Brizee

I learned today of Adrienne Brizee’s departure from this life on March 6, and just wanted to express my belated condolences to the Brizee Family, and her friends.

I am a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, veteran of Operation Desert Shield, and son of Jan Petrie who some of you may know from her work with the Wenatchee Valley College Foundation. When I lived in the valley, I proudly worked at Stemilt.

I was a patient of Adrienne’s. She helped me begin my recovery from a military experience that turned out to be much more challenging than I could have ever imagined. I owe her a deep debt of gratitude.

Thank you, Adrienne! I hope you are at peace, wherever you are. You made a difference for me.

Jeff Petrie

Veteran, Operation Desert Shield

Los Angeles

What religions oppose COVID vaccinations?

As of Sept. 6, Washington state has had thousands of state workers seeking religious exemptions from the state mandate to be vaccinated.

I have to wonder what religion they are referring to. An extensive Google search shows there aren’t any U.S. religions that oppose COVID vaccinations. My religion says we should love our neighbors as ourselves. That would suggest to me that our being vaccinated is not only for myself but also protects all those fellow human beings with whom I have contact with.

Jim Brown

East Wenatchee

Protect our power grid from EMP event

We must do more to strengthen our power grid against an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) event.

Such an event can result from an attack by terrorists or by another country (e.g. China may already have the capability — which it may use in an economic crisis) or it can occur naturally. It could result in devastating loss of life. There is disagreement on this, but why take chances?

We should also have a ground-based GPS back-up system, (like Russia has,) or we could lose internet at the least in an anti-satellite attack.

Alvin Blake


Vote for real leaders: Iñiguez and Sandberg

As an educator with a young child who will enter the school district in the next few years, I have watched the school board happenings over the years with interest.

I understand that what happens on the school board now sets the framework for when my child enters the district. So I was horrified to see, when I tuned into a recent school board meeting, that two of the contenders for school board led a divisive and hysterical stunt that not only disrupted the meeting, but in turn led to credible threats of violence against school board members.

Having taught on successful teaching teams for many years, I know that effective leaders are often the humble, quiet ones, the ones who make space for their coworkers to shine.

The recent events at the school board meeting have shown me that Katherine Thomas and Matt Van Bogart are no leaders. I will vote for real leaders Maria Iñiguez and Michele Sandberg.

Caroline Woolmington


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