These candidates are fake leaders

A few weeks ago something out of the ordinary happen in our local school board regular meeting.

A group of disgruntled people led by two candidates to school board positions and supported by one individual currently sitting in the board, disrupted the session and intimidated the attendees and member of the board with their erratic behavior and their refusal of follow the safety protocols put in place by the local health district.

These individuals are fake leaders; they sell out their conscience and convictions for baseless arguments and degraded partisanship. Because of their recklessness and lack of political moderation, they would be a disgrace for the Wenatchee School Board. They are not the candidates we want represent our families and our children in the school district.

They are using the talking points of the QAnon, a menacing group who is dismissing science, scientific research, and the opinion of the medical community in regard to the vaccine and use of protective mask. They speculate that pharma companies, the government and Bill Gates are controlling the population with microchips, and they rationalize that public policies and safety measures in place to control the virus are an assault to their freedom.

They think there is a government tracker in the vaccine. They believe the whole health crisis and the number of people dead is not real.

Let’s oppose with determination these individuals who are using a false and ludicrous rhetoric and large amount of campaign money coming from out the state and from a local church, that is more an indoctrination and electoral operation center than a place of worship and reflection. Let’s send home Norton, Van Bogart and Thomas.

They don’t deserve our votes.

Taylor Espinoza


Candidates should write something for Voters pamphlet

As I was reading through the Douglas County Official Local Voters’ Pamphlet for the November 2, 2021 General Election, I was astounded to see how many candidates did not submit statements or bios.

During the month of May when candidates filed to run for office, they were given the opportunity to submit their statements by May 28, 2021. After that date, they were not allowed to submit anything else or to edit their statement. Of the 82 candidates in the current pamphlet, 51 (62%) did not bother to submit a statement.

Our County Auditor’s message in the pamphlet indicates “State law now requires each county to produce a local voters’ pamphlet for every election” so presumably, these are landing in the mail boxes of all households with registered voters and they are available online.

Granted, many people may not use the pamphlet as a resource because they already know who they want to vote for or they don’t intend to vote.

But for someone who is running for an elected office in order to serve their community in some capacity, I think it is neglectful and irresponsible to bypass the process of submitting a statement in your county voter guide.

Sarah Banks

East Wenatchee

Require everyone to get vaccinated

To prevent further spread of the coronavirus, we should require everyone to get fully vaccinated (including a possible third dose) — unless exempted by a sincerely held religious belief or medical condition.

We should write to our legislators and executives at all levels of government.

Alvin Blake


Retired police chief: Vote for Skalisky

I have known Miranda Skalisky for many years. During the time I knew her I was serving as police chief for the city of Wenatchee, and she grew up in a law enforcement family.

Miranda served the Police Department as a member of the Volunteers in Police Service, VIPS. This was a national organization formed following the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attack in New York City. The purpose was to have citizen volunteers serve in law enforcement agencies in support of community safety. Miranda worked with other citizen members of the VIPS to provide volunteer services to the police department and citizens of Wenatchee.

Miranda took a lead role as a community outreach coordinator, and was involved in services such as painting over graffiti, staffing the National Night Out event, assisting with traffic control during community events, and staffed the popular Coffee with a Cop Meetings that were held at local venues. She served in VIPS from 2015 through 2019, and assisted Police Department staff in putting on the Latino Citizens Academy.

During her time as a VIPS Volunteer and Community Outreach Coordinator, Miranda was always very passionate about serving and wanted to make a difference in her community.

Following her graduation from Wenatchee High School and Wenatchee Valley College. Miranda graduated from Purdue University Global; with a degree in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Juvenile Justice.

As long as I have known Miranda Skalisky, she has always been very dedicated to serving in whatever mission she chooses to be involved in. She has a family and is very passionate about the education for students, as they develop and participate in getting their educations.

I believe it to be important for members of the school board to have a solid understanding of the importance of good two-way communication with the school officials and those in the community they serve. Members should study the emerging issues at hand and work together with other board members and stakeholders to address them.

I respectfully recommend your consideration and vote, for Miranda Skalisky to serve as a member of the Wenatchee School Board, Position 5.

Tom Robbins

Retired Wenatchee police chief

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