Vote for Miranda Skalisky and Maria Iñiguez

My wife, kids and grandkids have all attended Wenatchee schools.

I’m very concerned about the recent disruptive element of some who appear to intend to take over the Wenatchee School Board for their own limited agenda.

Therefore, I’m voting for — and encouraging others to vote for — Miranda Skalisky and Maria Iñiguez. Ms. Skalisky and Ms. Iñiguez have demonstrated their commitment to our students and to their best interests, not the interests of others who have been disrespectful and intolerant of the concerns of others.

I may not be in agreement with everything the Wenatchee School Board decides but I want to trust that the members of the school board are considering what is best for our students, not the priorities of an isolated segment of the community.

Please join me in voting for Miranda Skalisky and Maria Iñiguez.

Mike Magnotti


Miranda Skalisky for Wenatchee School Board

I’ve worked in this community for many years, advocating for children. Many of the issues currently at hand, for the school board, are concerns I have had for the children I work for. We need strong advocates for our children and I believe that Miranda Skalisky genuinely has the children’s best interests at heart. She is a steady voice in this polarized and politicized time, in our schools.

I have known Miranda for several years. She cares deeply about her family and has a passion and a heart for service. She has applied her many talents to numerous organizations and causes that benefit the community, as a whole, but, especially, for our youth. She understands the challenges that our new generation of students face and has solid and creative ideas to address them.

Miranda represents all members of our community, as evidenced by her service, from Special Olympics, to her community outreach with law enforcement, to helping children in Camp Fire USA. Miranda is equipped, capable and looking forward to serving all the children in our school district.

The school board needs what Miranda Skalisky has to offer. A vote for Miranda, for Wenatchee School Board Position 5, is a vote for our children.

Bev Squires


School board needs responsible individuals

The school board needs measured, professional and responsible individuals who are willing to be good stewards of tax-payer money, who will listen to others’ expertise and who truly care about the safety and education of all of Wenatchee’s students. Those candidates are Michele Sandberg, Maria Iñiguez and Miranda Skalinsky.

Candidates Matt Van Bogart, Katherine Thomas and Julie Norton are not the right people for this job. Van Bogart and Thomas have shown their childishness and disrespectful characters in their decision to join unmasked crowds at the Aug. 24 school board meeting. Van Bogart has used defamatory and insulting language in several social media posts and is clearly not a suitable individual to be trusted with this job.

Julie Norton undermined her own legal expertise and showed astoundingly poor judgement in making a motion to continue the Aug. 24th meeting with unmasked individuals in the room, defying the state mandate and putting school staff and other school board members at risk.

We need grown-ups in the room now more than ever. Please cast your votes for Sandberg, Iñiguez and Skalinsky.

Denise Sorom


God and the coronavirus

We read that many religious people prefer to have God come to them directly, in person, to heal them of the coronavirus rather than come to them by means of the vaccine.

On the other hand, we also know that other religious people believe that God has given wonderful gifts to medical research scientists, enabling them to develop vaccines through which God comes to heal us.

In other words, these folks believe God has blessed the scientific community with gifts enabling them to serve as instruments of God’s presence in the world. They believe God is taking up the cause, fighting for the human race in and through those who administer vaccinations in our country and throughout the world.

According to them, to say “no” to being vaccinated is like saying “no” to God’s love for us. It’s easy to see that the religious community has some notable diversity in its ranks.

Ron Moen


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