Business leaders and health board should do their jobs

What a great piece of research, reporting and writing by Tony Buhr on the Chelan-Douglas Health District (Health district emails reveal infighting, Sept. 5).

It appears that our illustrious business community, including the Chelan County sheriff, is not above meddling in our public health efforts without an iota of clinical or academic expertise in the public health arena.

Some of our erstwhile civic leaders decided to sue the governor for trying to keep the residents safe. They failed in that effort as any first-year law student could have predicted.

But now, in the middle of a pandemic that has claimed 190,000 plus lives and counting we have an agency that has had a wholesale turn over in technical staff and leadership.

We have been lucky to have competent leadership from the governor’s office and the University of Washington. Our local medical and health care community has responded to the challenges.

Now if we can just get our business leaders and board members to do their jobs, maybe we can survive.

Dwight Burke

East Wenatchee

I’m a sucker and a loser, the president says

I just found out that I was a sucker and a loser since I volunteered and served in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War.

At least that is what our draft-dodging bone-spur president calls all of us who served.

My dad and father in law both served in World War II and they were not losers but were heroes.

Jim Brown

East Wenatchee

A society can only tolerate so much

Wake up America, you are dying.

The political party you decided to take a gamble on four years ago to lead you is destroying your institutions, and killing your people. That party and its leader have turned out to be an abusive batterer, whose main goal is making the wealthy wealthier at your expense.

A tsunami of lies (20,000 in 4 years) and non-stop gaslighting has led to continuous disorientation. You don’t have time to process this hour’s lie before the next one washes over you. Before long you just give up to stop the torture (or give in, believing if it is repeated enough it must be true).

Every branch of government is corrupted to serve the needs of the leader and his party. Anyone who objects or has any oversight is removed and branded an enemy of the rulers. Every decision by the leader is based on how it affects his grip on power not what is good for a majority of the country.

When the leader learns that mainly non-supporters are dying in the pandemic then a plan to address the outbreak is abandoned because the leader decides that more of those deaths will benefit him politically.

If a fair election is to going to make staying in power more difficult then he has to prevent a fair election. Make it as hard as possible for likely non-supporters to vote. Shut down the post office.

The tyrant shouts endlessly that the only way he could lose is if the election is rigged. If he does lose then he can refuse to leave office and call on his armed supporters (who he has primed for years to sharpen their hair-trigger) to rise up to defend him. If unlimited chaos helps him retain power then unlimited chaos it is.

America you are poorer, sicker and weaker than you were four years ago. If you don’t cast out this batterer, this abuser, you may not survive. A society can only tolerate so much hate, cruelty, lies, gaslighting, corruption and death tearing at its foundations before it topples.

Pierre Dawson