Hatred of mankind drives grizzly proposal

I understand there are some environmentalists proposing to reintroduce grizzly bears into the Cascade Mountains. Really?

I wonder who in their right mind would propose such an idea. When I lived in Alaska and wanted to go for a hike, the choice was to either take a risk of running into a bear or to pack a gun (or less effective pepper spray). It would be a shame to face that same choice here when going for a hike.

I recently read that some environmentalists had proposed to remove dams on the Snake River. The reason given was to increase the runs of salmon so that the orcas could feed on more salmon. Really?

This is despite the fact that these dams provide a clean source of electricity, provide irrigation water for farming, and provide flood control.

I do not know if it is still U.S. Forest Service policy, but it has been their policy that if a fire starting in a wilderness area was caused by lightning to let it burn, but if it was started by man to extinguish it.

The common denominator to each of the above three items is not science, but a very simple religion. It is essentially that man is an unnatural being and anything mankind does to alter the natural background is wrong and the good is to restore nature to its condition before man arrived on the scene.

These environmentalists proposing to reintroduce grizzly bears and to remove dams are not driven by a love of bears and orcas, but rather by a hatred of mankind.

Malcolm Rooper

East Wenatchee

Progressive thinking has Marxist roots

Patrisse Cullors, a co-founder of Black Lives Matter, openly states “we are trained Marxists.” Marxism began destroying the lives of thousands of my relatives (Germans living in Russia) 100 years ago and within 20 years all of them had been driven from their homes and had their property confiscated, were sent to work camps that few survived, or were banished to the intolerable temperatures of Siberia. Most starved to death.

My dad’s mom had three sisters, Maria, Clara and Natalie, that she never mentioned to her children. I only discovered their names through Lutheran Church records that had been preserved at the Volgograd archives. My dad’s father had several siblings who had young families when they suffered the same fate mentioned above. If my dad or his siblings asked their mother anything about her family or her life in Russia she would break out in tears, so overcome with sorrow she couldn’t speak so they quickly learned to not ask questions.

Because their pain was so deep, most Germans from Russia who did get to America, to maintain their sanity, had to put out of their mind what was happening to their relatives “back home.” Some did hear stories about the suffering and devastation of loved ones, some who simply disappeared and some of whom were found in piles of bodies that showed up when people imprisoned for the evil of wanting to have their own business and/or property, who’d been jailed, were eventually shot, their bodies left in piles as an example to others of what could happen to them if they didn’t turn over everything they’d worked and paid for themselves, to the state.

One of our political parties in the U.S. has been taken over by this way of thinking, yet call themselves “Progressive!” Those who support socialism and communism use the age-old method of pulling at one’s heart strings and psychological games or social guilt tactics to disarm the common sense of otherwise reasonable people.

Patrisse Cullors advocates for abolishing prisons. The party you support will soon determine if these prisoners will be coming your way.

Dwight Needens


Trafic circles: Circular thinking

To Wenatchee traffic engineer: Really, more traffic circles? Wasting more money on those idiotic circles that people don’t understand and don’t know what they’re suppose to do when they get to them.

Most of the time coming up to a circle people stop because they don’t know what to do, who’s first, etc.

So now where there are no bottlenecks to getting down First Street they are going to put a bunch of what amounts to four-way stops. The same that you have done to Western Avenue, the last road through town that wasn’t a total mess, and you’ve turned it into the typical Wenatchee traffic mess for no particular reason other than they figure, we have money, let’s blow it.

It would seem the goal of a traffic engineer would be to move traffic along safely and efficiently. Traffic circles do neither.

You wonder why initiatives like getting rid of the $20 vehicle fee/tax are approved every time. Voters see the way you waste money on stupid projects and get tired of it.

I got an idea how about using all your traffic circle money and do something about the mess that you created from Denny’s north to Walmart and south from the bridge into town. Traffic is backed up for blocks everyday. How about fixing that problems we have before creating new traffic bottlenecks.

Good grief, how about using just a smidgen of common sense and future thinking before blowing our money on this nonsense.

Tom Repass