Gering is best choice for county commissioner

My wife and I have been acquainted with Chelan County commissioner candidate Tiffany Gering for nearly a decade and have been impressed with her civic involvement, personal values and impressive work ethic.

We were fortunate that for a brief time, while we were in business, Tiffany was a valued member of our staff. Tiffany has also been a valuable member of our local Chamber of Commerce staff, a valued member of the Lake Chelan Rotary club, and still has time to be a super mom to her two small children.

We need a commissioner with a balanced approach to the present and future — a person with the willingness to listen to all sides of local issues and the commitment and determination to act in the best interest of the citizens of the third district.

We believe Tiffany Gering is the best choice to represent the third district. We hope you will join us in voting Tiffany to the position of county commissioner of the third district.

Lew and Maribeth Clark


Vote Gering for county commissioner

I support and endorse Tiffany Gering for Chelan County Commissioner, District 3. I have been living in Leavenworth for three years but have owned property here for the last 13 years.

Chelan County suddenly finds itself at a crossroads. For almost 100 years, the county has been a tourist destination and I think it’s more important now than ever to not walk away from our roots and what made us who we are today. Although tourism only accounts for 10% of the economy, without it the No. 1 industry in the county (health care) would struggle as people left the area to pursue tourism in other areas.

Tiffany understands that tourism brings millions of dollars in revenue and taxes to our communities and she also understands that it “takes a village” for this tourism to even exist in the first place. Simply put, people need a place to stay that reflects their values.

I feel that Tiffany embodies the openness, honesty and willingness to help our county to continue to be successful.

Chelan county has its share of issues, whether it be parking, traffic and, even to a point, over-use. That said, I feel that Tiffany has centrist values with a bend towards capitalism that is going to be important as we move forward. It is possible to save the lakes and the rivers and moderate over-tourism while maintaining a healthy and vibrant economy that works for everyone. She understands that we don’t need to take the extremist or all-or-nothing view that tourism should be allowed to run rampant or closed down all together.

Our county, economy, budgets and plans for future projects all depend on continuing to carefully allow our economy to grow. Where so many other candidates are playing checkers when it comes to “what’s next,” Tiffany is the only one who is playing chess. She is not only thinking about what we should do next and how that will impact our county but how the decisions made today will impact the next generation to come.

Kelly Kortman


Gering will provide smart, strong leadership

I support Tiffany Gering being elected for Chelan County Commissioner District 3.

I believe she is the right person for commissioner due to her honesty, intelligence and willingness to learn about the issues to make well-informed decisions. There are many difficult decisions for our county commissioners to make in the near future and I think Tiffany has the best, well-rounded view for what is the correct path for our county and its residents.

The safety and health of our residents both today and emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic should be priority No. 1. Supporting and energizing all sectors of our economy should also be at the top of the list for any candidate on the ballot. After watching forums and meeting Tiffany in person I feel that her background in business, local roots and willingness to roll up her sleeves, learn the issues and make her position known is refreshing and needed.

As a local business person in the tourism economy sector, I am happy to see Tiffany trying not only to understand the complex issues surrounding short-term rentals but she is actually offering up solutions that are reasonable and manageable for all.

In the tough times ahead, we are going to need smart, empathetic and strong leadership and Tiffany has my support.

Sean Lynn


Moore has experience to serve 12th district

I am voting for Adrianne Moore, candidate for state representative for the 12th District, because she has a plan to address affordable housing for seniors and low-income families.

Across North Central Washington, the high cost of housing and the limited number of available affordable rentals have created a housing crisis. Low- and middle-income families are being priced out of their homes, neighborhoods and schools. Adrianne is committed to address outdated, excessive regulations that make it challenging to build affordable housing and work to provide viable housing solutions so local families can stay in their hometowns, schools and communities.

A senior citizen friend of mine recently had to move out of state because he could not find an affordable apartment that would fit his fixed income. Many seniors and low-income individuals must spend most of their income on rent, leaving them with very tight budgets for food and utilities.

Adrianne will work to build a comprehensive plan for housing that balances development with the needs of the community and residents. She will work to create incentives for permanent, affordable rentals. Adrianne will develop homeowner pathways so we can recruit and retain teachers, nurses and employees for our small businesses. She will work to ensure that every one of our elders has safe, stable and supportive housing.

Within Okanogan County, Adrianne has worked to build a youth homelessness coalition across regional counties, brought in state dollars to build services for youth, protected local affordable rentals and supported the development of a local housing land trust. She has experience and a track record that will benefit North Central Washington residents. For these reasons and many others, Adrianne is the best candidate for the 12th Legislative District!

Mary Peterson

East Wenatchee

Vote Cappell for a better future

Yes, me too; I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by this year’s primary ballot! One race I am sure of is Chelan County commissioner, District 3. I support Brandt Cappell because of his experience, knowledge and love for our community.

During these uncertain times, we have seen the important role our county commissioners play in government. Now, more than ever, we need someone with the experience and understanding of how our government works. Brandt has spent the last decade serving us as a senior staffer for two of our area’s state representatives. He has seen how regulations from Olympia affect us locally and can advocate for our needs in Chelan County and at the state level.

He knows the rules and regulations and understands the language of policy and government. This significant experience is vital in protecting the values that have made this community such a wonderful place to call home.

What’s more important to me is that Brandt grew up here and cares about this county. He knows the importance of balancing where we came from while having a vision for our future. Brandt and his young family have a heart for serving our community. He will ensure we have a county government that works for us and serves all our citizens.

Join me and so many others in voting for our community’s future. Vote Brandt Cappell for Chelan County commissioner, District 3.

Mona Guentzel


Cappell understands the issues

I offer this statement to encourage Chelan County citizens to support Brandt Cappell in his bid to become your county commissioner. I have known Brandt since he was a student in my agriculture education classes and a member of the Wenatchee FFA. He began developing his leadership skills and a heart for service to his community in the FFA and it has only grown in the years since. He is a young man of character with a rich experience in both the purpose and inner workings of government at the local, county and state levels.

Based on his experience in Olympia working with former state Rep. Condotta and current Rep. Goehner, he understands the issues that face Chelan County and how they are impacted by action taken at the State Capitol. This gives him a unique insight into governance and to be a voice for the citizens, the businesses, and the agriculture that makes Chelan County different from any other county in the great state of Washington.

Brandt Cappell is a quality candidate, a quality human being, and my choice to be our next Chelan County commissioner. Exercising your right to vote is an investment in the future of our country. Investing your vote in Brandt Cappell is a sound investment in the future of Chelan County.

Rod Cool