Newhouse vote shows he’s a RINO

Thank you Dan Newhouse for showing your true colors, you’re a RINO, which you didn’t mention when you ran for office.

You admitted the articles of impeachment for President Trump are flawed and still chose to vote against our party. You are too weak to stand for truth or the constitution and doubt your “heart was heavy” as you bowed to the Democrats evil retribution.

Everyone makes mistakes, mine was voting for you, which I won’t do again! I applaud Cathy McMorris Rodgers for seeing the clear picture and being strong enough to stand for the Republican Party.

Nancy Bronowski


Imagine no YMCA

Not just the Wenatchee “Y” but all the other non-profit organizations in this community that have served and given opportunities to so many families and their kids for so many years.

Many of you, like me, found myself as a young boy in the 60s at the Lake Wenatchee YMCA Camp. Without that experience, my life would, I think, been a lot different.

Wenatchee is a fantastic, strong community. This is not the time to turn our backs on all of these great organizations. This past year has been tough on all of us but we cannot let them shut their doors.

Please join me in calling your favorite Wenatchee community non-profit and ask how you can help them stay healthy for many generations yet to come. I for one could not imagine what it would be like in the Wenatchee Valley without them.

Douglas Johnson


Vote ‘yes’ on Wenatchee schools levy

When casting your vote in the upcoming special election to fund the operations levy for Wenatchee schools, I hope you will consider an often overlooked aspect of what our collective investment makes possible.

State funding pays only for bare bones, basic education. School programs funded by the operations levy are often the only way for young people, privileged and disadvantaged alike, to access resources that help them discover and develop their talents beyond basic math and language mechanics.

These students go on to become the innovators and creators who continuously change and advance our society.

The operations levy pays for a variety of extracurricular experiences and learning to develop well-rounded students, who become well-rounded adults. It adds educational programs for enriched learning across the entire spectrum, involving all students. Access to technology, and physical and mental health support would not be possible without the levy.

Supporting the levy helps make our school district strong, enabling Wenatchee to remain a good place to live, do business, and find job opportunities, to the benefit of all age groups. The levy is the difference that uncovers the hidden talents which convert hopes into reality in ways that surprise us.

Please vote yes on February 9.

Jennifer Burke


Wenatchee school levy important to survival of programs

On February 9 we will be asked to vote on the Educational Programs and Operations Levy for the Wenatchee School District. This levy will “support approximately 12% of the school district’s current level of educational programs and operations.”

This renewal levy is important for the survival of a variety of programs, including sports, music, art, drama, field trips, and elective/specialist classes, as well as nursing, technology, and safety (pandemic needs).

From our perspective as former district educators, advisors, and coaches, we know how vital this school levy is to students. Extracurricular activities are instrumental in college and career choices. These activities also keep students interested in the mainstream curriculum, as they know they have to maintain grades to participate in their extracurricular choices. They help to provide for the development of the “whole” child. These activities are often tied to community events and contributions, and aid students in furthering their talents.

Obviously, there are technological and safety needs that need to be to be fulfilled, and field trips and elective classes enrich student development, helping young people to achieve personal goals. Extra-curricular activities such as band, choir, drama, F.F.A., Debate, FBLA, a variety of sports, and many more clubs and teams provide a vibrancy and creativity to learning.

We hope you will give your valuable support to the Educational Programs and Operations Levy, knowing you are helping young people to build knowledge and skills, carving out their own futures.

Larry and Sherry Schreck


Support levies in Wenatchee and Cascade schools

During the COVID-19 pandemic, education has never been more important. Our schools have had to move online, and students have had to learn in a new environment and under unprecedented circumstances.

Currently in the Cascade and Wenatchee school districts, two replacement levies are being proposed. These levies work to continue funding our schools and maintain educational opportunities for students. They will help fund education programs, including career and technical education, mental health services, music and arts, and operations/maintenance. These levies do not increase the current tax, but instead maintain it.

As students, community members, and concerned citizens we recognize that these levies are integral to maintaining quality education in an extremely trying time. We urge you to vote in their support on February 9th 2021.

If you are interested in learning more about either levy please and

Elvis Boyd, Keely Brooks, Ana Ramirez Castillo, Abby Danko, Kayden Delvo Lazo Gitchos, Heather Hayes, Emilie Jimenez, Steph Jordan, Charlotte Massey, Emily Von Reis, Aidan Ringel, Lisa Witkowski

Hospital did a great job with my vaccination

I received my COVID-19 vaccine at the hospital today and I wanted to share how pleased I was from the time I stepped through the door, got my vaccine and left.

The security men were so helpful and courteous and walked me to the cafeteria. (I’m 91 years young) Everyone was so friendly, efficient, organized and caring.

I want to say kudos to all those hard working health care professionals. Fantastic job during these difficult times!

Thelma Wolfe