Repeal insurance edict

Don’t be surprised when you receive your home or auto policy renewal at the increase if you happen to have good credit.

Our insurance commissioner has decided it is not fair to those who have poor credit. So we get punished for being responsible and paying our bills. I urge you to contact our commissioner to repeal this latest edict.

Diane Clark

East Wenatchee

Halloween is more than harmless nightlife

Holidays, religious or secular are meant to honor the memory of a particular person or event with ceremonies of respect or festivity. Most holidays have symbols that help us to recall and reflect on the significance of their beginnings. On Christmas, we set out nativity scenes; on Independence Day, we light fireworks; on Thanksgiving, we feast.

Halloween is a religious holiday. It pays tribute, though ever so shrewdly, to Apollyon, the angel of the bottomless pit. Its symbols — haunted houses, caskets, spider webs, skeletons, and ghosts — are predominately morbid.

Halloween celebrates the hideous, the grotesque, the fiendish — anything that causes one to cringe. Oh, you will see a token measure of hobos and fairy princesses walking about, but usually more popular are vampires, witches, goblins and aliens.

The notion that this holiday, with its pervasive allusion to fear and death, is merely harmless nightlife for the young is naive.

Step back. Read the hints as an integrated whole.

Halloween is allegorical; it points to a deeper sphere of meaning. Curtained off from the observable world lies another dimension inhabited by invisible spirits — some of which aren’t very nice.

Behind the so-called innocence of this nocturnal children’s festival, the prince of darkness is nourished and invigorated as he guides the whole bizarre parade into the well-suited backdrop of the night.

While most see Halloween as harmless fun and games, to others it is a very real witching hour. All over this country, in secluded alcoves, secret rituals will be performed; Animals are likely to be sacrificed, children may be abducted.

Why does suggesting Halloween is a demonic holiday seem so overstated?

Modern man has disavowed the ethereal realm. His scientific outlook has rendered him dull to transcendence. His mind’s eye now only sees a limited spectrum. His house has no windows.

Perhaps, we could uncover the satanic connection by stressing the pre-Christian origins of Halloween: The ancient Celtic druid priests with their animal and human sacrifices. With the mask thus removed, Halloween would look less like a treat and more like a trick, don’t you think?

Byron Moline


Sandberg: A calm, reasoned leader

As a parent with children in the Wenatchee School District, I have been grateful that our school board has treated the COVID-19 crisis as what it is — a matter of public health.

Last school year wasn’t easy, but everyone pulled together and made it work. Now, a group of politically motivated people wants to push our district into the national culture wars while disregarding the advice of medical experts. They would expose our district to financial risk and expose our children and school staff to a potentially deadly disease.

I will be voting for Michele Sandberg for Wenatchee School Board, Position 4. Michele is a physician (child psychiatrist), an Army veteran, and a mother herself. She has proven that she makes decisions based on facts and science. We need calm, reasoned leaders, not people trying to turn our schools into a political sideshow. Vote for Michele Sandberg, Wenatchee School Board, Position 4.

Kelly Paladines


Thomas, Norton and Van Bogart belong on Facebook not school board

I am writing to share my disappointment with recent developments in our local school board race. Three candidates for school board, Thomas, Norton and Van Bogert, have chosen to make our school board a platform for their disagreements with issues that are being decided at the national and state level.

Their antics at the last school board meeting were unworthy of potential school board members. What kind of example did they set for our kids, the school district staff and our larger community by repeatedly interrupting the meeting and refusing to follow the posted rules?

In my family, we don’t bully people to get our way, we try to amicably work out our differences. I would expect nothing less from a public official.

Our school district has many challenges and needs school board members who can focus on the safety and success of our children. These three seem to be focused on masking in school. Either they haven’t figured out that this is a statewide policy that is out of the jurisdiction of our local school boards, or they don’t care.

We need school board members who know and understand their roles. Let’s consign these three individuals to the pages of Facebook where they can spout off with their like-minded travelers. They don’t deserve your vote for a position on the Wenatchee School Board.

Kathy Ramirez


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