Making it tough to vote is the real fraud

Perhaps the only thing on which Donald Trump and I fully agree is that the upcoming election is vulnerable to widespread voter fraud. But as to what constitutes “fraud” — that’s where our agreement ends.

Our POTUS has apparently become concerned that, in a fair election, his policy of belittling COVID-19 and simply blaming others for all of his many ills may not be enough to keep him on the throne for another four years. This no doubt leads to his favored strategy for re-election being that of voter suppression, i.e., creating difficult to impossible circumstances for registration and access to voting booths for eligible citizens whom are likely to support his opposition. Add to this the danger for long lines with sometimes far fewer (and crowded) voting precincts in this time of pandemic, the obvious, logical solution is the national Vote-by-Mail option.

But according to Trump, this electoral system which has worked so well here in Washington for some 20 years is riddled with fraud — despite absolutely no indication or proof of this. Perhaps, this reflects his likely reasoning that any vote cast for an opposing candidate is in and of itself an act of fraud?

Our own (Republican) Secretary of State Kim Wyman has invited representatives from all other states to observe our mail-in ballot system at work. Yet, this fact is conveniently ignored by the president and his loyal followers, who’s real fear is that mail-in voting would allow many of the now disenfranchised to cast votes for the opposition that are actually counted.

No, Donald, it’s not Vote by Mail that results in criminality, but rather the act of making it difficult or impossible for many citizens to vote — a form of wrongful and criminal deception of the will of the (majority of the) voters — that is the real voter fraud.

Larry Glickfeld


Ratepayers are the sponsors

Hearing the Chelan County PUD referred to as a business sponsor of NPR/Pullman grates on me.

I would prefer to hear public radio from the campus of WSU/Pullman that is sponsored in part by the ratepayers of the Chelan County Public Utility District.

Or, the people of Chelan County have graciously consented to sponsor public radio/Pullman through the auspices of the Chelan County Public Utility District.

Many entities see the Chelan County PUD as having “deep pockets” or as the “Kuwait on the Columbia.”

Personally, I don’t see Chelan County PUD’s sponsorship of Pullman Public Radio as a misuse of public funds. But when the beggars of Pullman cry out for alms, tell them the deep pockets of our Chelan County PUD have already paid.

Don’t pay twice!

Joe Bissonnette