OMAK — Many of the roughly 78 homes destroyed by the Cold Springs Fire are along Highway 97 between Brewster and Malott.

But even identifying the number of homes can be challenging, says Okanogan Emergency Management Director Maurice Goodall. It is difficult to look at “a hole in the ground” and know what it is, he said.

The fire primarily burned structures on the Colville Indian Reservation.

The Northeast Washington Interagency Incident Management Team estimated 78 homes and 60 outbuildings were lost, but Goodall says that number could go up or down.

The fire scorched houses north of Brewster, along Highway 97, from Highway 17 all the way up to Mallot, he said. Some homes burned along Jack Wells Road, near Bridgeport.

Fires also swept through and burned homes in the Cameron Lake area, he said. Two of the affected areas include Cameron Lake Loop Road and Cameron Lake Road.

More homes were burned in locations throughout the 189,923-acre burn scar, he said.

The Interagency Management Team reported that most of their crews fighting the 85% contained Cold Springs Fire will be heading out in the next few days, leaving a smaller, local force to manage what remains.

Firefighters have been helping repair damaged fencing and roads, according to the report. Looking northeast, crews will continue repair and chipping work along containment lines.

The Cold Springs Fire started near Omak on Sept. 6.