Brenda Alonso, 17 was at Pybus Public Market for a few hours demonstrating the machine (pictured right) crush glass into a fine sand. She then showed how you can dye the sand and pour it into molds to make colorful shapes.

Name: Brenda Alonso

Event: Glass to Sand demonstration at Pybus Public Market

Senior at Manson High School

How did you get started with Glass to Sand?

I got started over the summer after a friend, Nadia Verduzco, asked if anyone needed community service hours volunteering at the local farmers market. I went and she asked if I would be interested in helping with the Glass to Sand project, which was started by former seniors Megan Clausen and Devyn Smith a year prior.

What precipitated Glass to Sand and what did you have to do to get started?

The recycling services stopped in Manson a couple of years ago so Megan and Devyn set up a GoFundMe account and pitched the idea to various wineries, the rotary and people in the community about purchasing the machine — which crushes glass into sand in a few minutes. After getting enough funds, they purchased the machine for $7,000 and established community connections to get the project off the ground.

What’s your goal this year?

We’ve been talking about incorporating more wineries into the project and getting the word out to let people know they can do this their community or town as well. Everyone should care about glass recycling because it is one of the easiest ways people can help out. It might seem like a small impact but it can pave a way to a world more stable and long-lasting so people can keep living and thriving for years to come.

What do you hope to expand before handing it off to next year’s seniors?

We’re hoping to get some interest in juniors that want to expand the project and hopefully talk to Chelan High School to see if they are interested in starting something similar. We’ll be there to guide next year’s seniors after handing off the reigns and help them map out a vision.