EAST WENATCHEE —Tony Toulouse and Char Tolliver needed assistance to move out of the house they were renting in East Wenatchee.

Toulouse has back problems and Tolliver uses a wheelchair and so Catholic Family Charities reached out to missionaries with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, who agreed to help move items for the apartment mates.

“What they are doing here is a wonderful make a difference day because it makes a difference to Char and I in a big way,” Toulouse said on the day of the move, Make a Difference Day.

Reuben Tang, 18, was one of the Mormon missionaries who helped with the move. Tang has been a missionary for about three months in the Wenatchee Valley. He came from South Jordan, Utah.

“Pretty much we just talk to as many people as we can everyday and try to share messages about Jesus Christ,” Tang said. “And also we do lots of service too. We try to help people too.”

It’s been a wonderful experience so far for him doing missionary work, he said. It’s a little tough being away from his family and friends. Missionaries also give up a lot and have some restrictions, like they can’t date.

“There is just a joy you get when you do service,” Tang said. “ It just feels good to help another person. I think my favorite opportunities is when we’re walking down the street and someone is, maybe they’re pulling weeds and we just go over there and join them.”

One service activity that has stuck out to him so far is helping a woman clean out her shed, he said. He got the opportunity to talk to her and get her life story.

“And to see how much other people have to go to that’s pretty amazing to me that they’re in the spots they are now,” Tang said. “It just makes me think of how fortunate I am. The circumstances that I have. I have this opportunity to reach out to a lot of different people.”

He chose to do his service work right after high school, because he thought it would be easier to get it done before he went to college, he said. He doesn’t have any regrets about his decision, though.

“ Because I’m just serving the Lord and serving other people and I get to share messages about Jesus Christ every day,” Tang said. “So I feel like that sacrifice for two years is worth it.”

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