This magazine is about the Lucy Montoyas of our hometowns. About the people who see a need and then take action — sometimes small, sometimes big, always important — to make a difference. To get it done.

Sometimes they're well known, like Montoya, who we said goodbye to in March 2019 after her death at age 99, late the year before.

A few years back, Montoya won the city of Wenatchee's social justice award. As we reported when she received her award: "She told the audience that working for justice is not difficult — a person just needs to show up."

Read Rufus Woods' article on Montoya here. It's as fine a way to close out a report on getting it done that I can think of.

There are many other stories in this section about more of our neighbors.

Many of the stories are pegged to Make a Difference Day, an annual celebration of serving others that has been going on in the Wenatchee Valley since 1992 and that is now part of the DNA of our community.

It was a logical place to start in the first year of a magazine about the good things we all do for our community. Some of the reports come from the pages of The Wenatchee World because we take pride every day in trying to report on what’s happening in our community. And so much of that is good.

As you read through this section, you will think of someone whose story should be told. Our home town is full of these stories. Maybe it's you or your organization or the place you work. Maybe it's someone you know.

This is where you can make a difference with just a little showing up: Send us their name and story. Or better yet, maybe you’ll think of a need you want to tackle.

Now’s the time. Get it done.

We'd love to tell that story.

Russ Hemphill

Managing Editor


Russ Hemphill: (509) 665-1161

Managing Editor

Russ Hemphill is managing editor of The Wenatchee World. He is a graduate of the University of Arizona in Tucson (Go Cats!), worked as a reporter and editor for 19 years at The Phoenix Gazette and The Arizona Republic and joined The World in 1999.

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