WENATCHEE — The wait continues for skiers and snowboarders looking to hitch a ride on Mission Ridge’s new and improved Chair 2 — named the Wenatchee Express — which won't be available for skiers and snowboarders this weekend, says Marketing Director Tony Hickok.

“There are still a few tasks to be done,” Hickok said Monday. “We’re so close now to being done with the project, trying to pick a specific date is (tough), it’s going to bounce around. So we’re not going to put out a specific target date, we’ll instead give an update weekly.”

Some of the work remaining includes:

  • Haul rope installation
  • Haul rope splice
  • Electrical connections to the top, bottom, and towers
  • Finish installation of loading carpet
  • Finish installation of the chair loading rail system

In an update posted on their website the ski/snowboard resort said it hoped the haul rope installation would be completed by the end of this week or early next week (weather permitting).

“We look forward to seeing carriers on the line shortly thereafter,” the post read. “When exactly, down to the day, each of the other remaining steps will be completed may vary for a multitude of factors. We know everyone is anxious to get out there. We are too. We will be there soon.”