CASHMERE — Now that the prep season is essentially over, I wanted to personally thank the Cashmere seniors for a tremendous four years on the court.

As a fly on the gym wall, it has been a pleasure to chronicle the team and watch them compete.

For those that know me outside of the newspaper, it’s not a secret that basketball is one of my top sports to cover. And of all the teams/sports that I’ve watched over the last five years, this group has been my personal favorite.

Not because I have any bias — though I’m sure I’ll be accused of it. I grew up in Colorado and have no particular affiliation with any school in the area.

The Cashmere squad just plays some of the most inspirational basketball I’ve watched. And as a sports-fiend, I respect it immensely. They were unselfish to almost a fault at times with how they shared the ball, and it was captivating to watch. Defensively, they were a constant irritant that pestered opponents as soon as they crossed half court and hounded the boards despite their average size. They were relentless, foot always on the throttle.

Coaching legend Dean Smith was once quoted saying, “basketball is a beautiful game when the five players on the court play with one heartbeat.”

The Cashmere Bulldogs these last two seasons had one pulse on the floor. And they’ll be missed.

Sports Reporter

Zach Johnson is a 28-year-old sportswriter from Lakewood, Colorado. When he's not covering local sporting events you can find him carding birdies at many of the state's public golf courses, biking the Apple Capital Loop Trail, or skiing Mission Ridge.