Greatness recognizes greatness, and on Sunday, two of Seattle’s biggest stars paid homage to one another.

Before Russell Wilson led one of the more improbable comeback wins of his illustrious career, the Seahawks quarterback showed respect to the Storm’s Sue Bird by wearing her No. 10 highlighter yellow jersey as he entered the stadium.

And after Wilson had changed into his own neon threads, NBC’s Sunday Night Football broadcast began with the familiar voice of the Storm legend. During the intro segment, the four-time WNBA champion issued a ringing endorsement for Wilson’s 2020 MVP campaign.

“Some seasons, you just know a player’s on their way… Yeah I said it, Russ for MVP.”

Wilson only added to his MVP buzz with another dazzling comeback in prime time, capped by a 13-play, 94-yard drive in the game’s final two minutes with two fourth-down conversions, including a game-winning bullet to receiver DK Metcalf.

“I feel like Sue Bird in the clutch,” Wilson told the media after it was over.

As some on social media pointed out, the message went deeper than one legend tipping their hat to another.

“In my era following sports growing up, I never remember a male athlete saying something like this,” Arizona State journalism professor and former sports columnist Paola Boivin posted on Twitter. “It seems simplistic, but this is powerful.”