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Alyssa Merrill practices a dive with Kieumy Huber doing the same in the background on Thursday at the S.P.O.R.T. Gymnastics Diving Camp at Wenatchee High School’s pool. The week-long camp ends Friday.

WENATCHEE — Taryn Harris, the new diving coach at Wenatchee High School, is no stranger to the Panther pool. Harris started diving at Wenatchee before moving to Portland, Oregon to train with an Olympic Diving Coach.

After that, she dove all four years at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona. Lately, she is more well known as the head coach of the S.P.O.R.T Gymnastics team in Wenatchee.

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A diver prepares to take off the board on Thursday at the S.P.O.R.T. Gymnastics Diving Camp.

During her time in college, she held a diving camp in Wenatchee about 12 years ago. There has been no diving camp for four years until Harris was named head coach at the high school.

“Getting the job at the high school and knowing I was going to be coaching a lot of the girls and because the YMCA pool in East Wenatchee is under construction...we’re going to be pretty crammed in at the high school pool this fall,” Harris said. “We won’t have a lot of board time. I wanted to make sure all the divers in the valley had a little extra practice before we started.”

The camp was also open to eighth-graders who might be interested in diving in high school. The camp ran Monday through Friday at the WHS pool. Harris said all the returning Wenatchee divers attended, but one, who is out of the country. There were two Eastmont divers and three eighth-graders.

Divers were taught a new hurdle. Harris said it is kind of hard, so it was nice to work out the kinks.

“For new divers, who haven’t had any diving experience, just trying to get some of the basic dives done,” Harris said. “For any returning divers, I was trying to get them back into their dives. Then, try some more advanced dives. Really anything we can do to prepare them for the upcoming season. There is really nowhere to dive during the year.”

Harris said the girls did great.

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Gymnastics and diving instructor Taryn Harris keeps the mood of the diving camp light

“They have so much fun. Diving can be pretty scary especially if you don’t get to do it very often. They were very gutsy throwing their dives. It’s been really fun,” she said.

Last year, the Panther divers were undefeated in the Big 9. The top diver was Emily Brault, who returns for her senior year.

“I’m hoping we can get a lot more out of her this year. New approach and new dives, so we’ll see what happens,” Harris said of Brault. “I’ll have about five girls. One is a senior. One a junior. Three sophomores. They are looking really good right now. It’s a fun group of girls. They are very positive and upbeat. They are ready to work hard. I think it will be a great season.”

On the last day of camp, Harris said she plans to throw a lot of new dives at the girls, so she is expecting to hear a lot of “smacking” of the water. Once camp is over, she has assigned them some dryland training.

“Anything they can do on the pool deck or at home to strengthen their cores. Every dive you do, you have to have a strong core. I have a bunch of drills to help them with their hurdles and approaches too,” she said.

The swimming and diving season opens for the Wenatchee girls on Sept. 12 with the Moses Lake Pentathlon.

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