EAST WENATCHEE — Tuesday night, Wildcat and Panther Volleyball met on the court for the second time this season. Both teams off of recent wins, both poised and ready to face their rival. Wenatchee was hoping for an encore performance, and the Wildcats were looking to flip the script, and disrupt Wenatchee’s win streak.

Both teams succeeded by the end of the night, if not by the means or exact result they intended.

Eastmont won the first set 25-16. Wenatchee won the final three 25-16, 25-18, and 25-12 to seal the win.

“I wish we would have won but I was focused on playing Wenatchee better than we did the last time, and we did that hands down,” Eastmont Head Coach Karinne Davis said. “We were a whole different team. That’s a win in my book.”

The Wildcats ran away with a first set win through sheer resilience. They were down early but after a series of errors from the Panthers, and the Wildcats’ consistent ball care, from the serve to their defensive composure, they built a lead.

Wenatchee’s unforced errors plagued them throughout the set. A ball in the net. A ball goes long. An errant pass. All these culminated to kill the momentum, and the Wildcats patiently waited while the point differential grew.

“That first set,” Wenatchee Head Coach Marni McMahon said. “That’s what happens when you give them 18 points on errors. It was all us. We had a couple key players making unusual errors for themselves, and our passing wasn’t great.”

When a long rally finally ended after multiple blocks, last second saves, it was Eastmont who came out on top. Any Wenatchee run was disrupted by an error or a Wildcat play until the set was theirs.

The second set flipped, at least in points. Wenatchee dialed back their errors just enough to put a few streaks together after five back and forth ties and two lead changes. Eastmont’s serving errors increased, but they also earned more points at the net, usually through Ashlynn Grasseth and Sarah Peterson.

“It helps a lot when my front line gets going,” Davis said.

The last two sets showed a continual improvement for Wenatchee. Fewer errors. More offensive production from Ashton McMahon, Keirra Demirjian, Malia Knell, and Addie Schulz. And a few key blocks helped push them over the threshold for a win.

“I told them any team can play with you guys if you allow them,” McMahon said. “We settled back after that first set, taking care of the ball, what we can take care of, and the score reflected that.”

Eastmont’s errors increased, but they never let a Wenatchee run get out of hand, and when a rally went long, they usually came out on the better end.

“We were able to shut down any long run, then keep it for a few,” Davis said.

For Wenatchee, Addie Schulz had 14 kills, Irelyn Branam added 26 assists, Elise Baier had 18 assists, McMahon had eight kills, Demirjian seven kills, and Ava Jo Berry finished with 12 digs.

When asked about their next game McMahon said, “If we win Thursday against Davis we capture the league title. Its a big opportunity to solidify hosting the District Championship, being the one-seed, and putting up a league banner. So we had to win tonight, and we have to win Thursday.”

Wenatchee hosts Davis this Thursday at 7 p.m. while Eastmont plays Eisenhower in Yakima this Thursday at 7 p.m.