If I told you I caught fish every time I went out, I’d be lying to you. There are days when the stars align and the fish seem to be drawn to the end of your rod. Other days, however, never quite turn out the way you want them to. Over the weekend, while numerous anglers were catching their limits of Kokanee at the Something Catchy Kokanee Derby, I was at the Potholes Reservoir, scratching my head why I couldn’t catch any fish.

Every week, I attempt to go fishing at a different lake to pass along my successes/failures to you, the reader.

Although I work in the fishing industry, we all have our days where things just don’t go our way. Spring is a fickle fella and can play havoc on good fishing. This time of season, there are several factors that must be scrutinized more intensely. Weather plays an integral role when it comes to fishing. For instance, I try never to fish when there is a full moon. Despite it being dark, the fish can still see with the illumination of the moon and I have found the bite to be less than stellar during this time. Changes of barometric pressure from cold to hot or vice versa, directly impact how fish feed.

The weather was really nice this weekend, so why didn’t I catch any fish? I decided to go to the Potholes because I really wanted to have a Walleye fish fry with my family, while camping at the state park. I wanted to spend as much time with them as I possibly could, so I decided not to take my boat, giving it a shot from the bank.

It’s good that we brought other food with us because we would have starved. There is a creek right next to the state park called the Frenchman Hills Wasteway, riddled with trails next to the water. The creek is relatively narrow, so I used quarter-ounce jig heads with various colors of soft plastic grubs. A snag here, a snag there, I hooked a largemouth bass and lost it as it jetted out of the water and gave a few massive head shakes. Other anglers around me caught a few smallmouth bass and even a catfish, but my luck was futile.

My fishing throughout the weekend was very sporadic. I would go fishing when my 1-year-old son was napping back at the campground. I also fished Soda Lake, which is chalked full of Walleye.

This lake is easily accessible to any bank angler, as the level of the lake is low, which allows people who are bank fishing access to the entire lake. During this time of year, the Walleye are spawning, which significantly reduces the bite. Although it’s nice to catch fish, there’s much more to it than just that. Sometimes, it’s nice to simply escape the hustle of everyday life and relax in the great place we live. The opportunities are endless whether it is fishing, hiking, biking, camping, hunting, etc. Whenever I can surround myself with family and friends doing what we love to do, that’s a catch in my book.

This past weekend was the fourth Annual Something Catchy Kokanee Derby, which was extremely successful to all anglers who entered. Over 2,000 fish were caught at Lake Chelan and most of the fishing was conducted in the lower basin, where the fish are schooled and in abundance. Bob Feil Boats & Motors, Hooked on Toys, and Mack’s Lure, along with many others, helped sponsor the event by donating to this non-profit organization whose goal is to teach kids and veterans how to fish. A fun time had by all, this derby continues to grow as each year goes by.