VANCOUVER — Panthers football made the long trip to Vancouver for their second game of the season on Friday to face the Mountain View Thunder, and quickly became acquainted with their mascots namesake:

An element. A force of nature. Conjured by Mountain View themselves and pointed squarely at Wenatchee, for a decisive 51-14 victory.

The first quarter was overwhelming for the Panthers. The Thunder benefited from an early Wenatchee safety for a 2-0 lead.

Then, in quick succession the Thunder scored with two passes, a run, and another pass to take a 30-0 lead by the end of the first quarter.

“If it could go wrong it did go wrong. It was a frustrating night,” Wenatchee head coach Scott Devereaux said.

The Panthers could have given up. But they didn’t. They made a choice and started the second quarter with a positive and noticeable change in energy that quickly resulted in an eight-yard run from Johnny Amezcua and Wenatchee’s first touchdown, making it 30-7.

Then the Panthers collected an errant snap from the Thunder and shortly after forced another turnover with a tipped pass. But Mountain View found their rhythm again when they scored from the ground and the air to finish out the half leading 44-7.

“We had a glint of hope in second quarter,” Devereaux said. “We just couldn’t get our offense, our drive together.”

The third quarter was a stalemate. Both teams traded penalties for a while before Wenatchee’s Silas St John picked a pass for the Thunder’s third turnover, but Mountain View returned the favor shortly after.

Halfway through the quarter the Thunder scored again with a four yard run to make it 51-7.

Wenatchee responded with a beautiful 40-yard run by Jacob Devereaux, dodging tackles and shadowing his blocking teammates to get their second touchdown 51-14.

The Panthers had a fourth and goal in the final seconds of the fourth quarter, but no points were scored on either side.

“I’m pleased with how hard we played,” Devereaux said. “We got in a big whole. We whittled away, and took the ball away a few times, we just couldn’t get the offense going after the first half.”

Wenatchee plays their cross river rival Eastmont in East Wenatchee next Friday at 4:30 p.m.

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