Live updates: COVID-19 case counts in North Central Washington

Note: COVID-19 testing rates obtained through the state Department of Health COVID-19 dashboard are now available on this page and will be updated weekly. 

NCW — This page will be regularly updated as new COVID-19 cases in North Central Washington are reported by health officials. 

The Wenatchee World uses reports from county health districts, health care providers, the state Department of Health to keep these counts as accurate as possible. 

For statewide, national and global perspective, see this page from The New York Times. New local cases may take a couple days to be reflected in state or national databases.

Community members play a vital role in slowing spread of the virus by practicing social distancing. Read more on that here.

Note: The Chelan-Douglas Health District reported on Oct. 27 that they were experiencing an interruption to daily COVID-19 data updates due to staffing issues. Find Chelan-Douglas County COVID-19 data here. The Chelan-Douglas District included an additional COVID-19 death by mistake in their daily update to Chelan County's total count on Oct. 20, according to Veronica Farias, the health district's spokesperson. The total count remains 116.

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The state Department of Health does not include antigen tests in its main data dashboards. That makes it difficult for The World to compare local case counts — which include antigen and PCR tests — to other counties, which each collect and report tests differently. To see a thorough statewide comparison, see this map from The New York Times, which has both test types.

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