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Tomorrow’s Birthday. (09/24/21). Fortune flows through the heart this year. Build creative and romantic bonds with steady action. Navigating a…

1. Bracket Mayer: Notre Dame tight end Michael Mayer is one of the best offensive weapons in the country, and quarterback Jack Coan is finding him often. UW should plan on using its outside linebackers to disrupt Mayer’s route off the line of scrimmage and ensure a safety is covering the 6-foot-4½, 251-pound target. The Irish have multiple weapons who can make plays, but taking away option A in Mayer is a good place to start.

1. Decide on run game quickly: The Badgers defense has allowed a total of 66 yards rushing on 36 carries, less than 2 yards per attempt. Both Penn State and Eastern Michigan ditched running between the tackles, and the former had success getting to the edge with quick passing then challenging UW downfield. Notre Dame should do the same if its banged-up offensive line can’t generate push. Wasting downs trying to establish a run game is exactly what UW wants Notre Dame to do.