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L-Bow the Clown performs a fire show at the 2021 Cashmere Founders’ Days Parade. The event honoring Cashmere's history, held on the last Saturday of June each year, is one of Cashmere’s largest annual celebrations.

Partway between Wenatchee and Leavenworth, tucked between orchards and towering pines, is the charming, riverside town of Cashmere. With a quaint downtown that's as sweet as its signature candy shop, Cashmere is a must-see.

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A Steller's Jay flies up to an evergreen tree with a peanut at a resident's bird feeder in Cashmere.

Spend some time in the trees and sunlight, riding the white waters of the Wenatchee River, zooming down Devil’s Gulch — known as one of the best mountain biking trails in the state — or hiking one of the many trails just outside of town.

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Michael McClure, 8, and his parents Travis and Danielle look around the 9/11 Spirit of America Memorial at Cashmere's Riverside Park during 2021's 20th annual 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony. The twin granite towers they are standing next to have the names of each person who perished in New York City on 9/11/2001.

Founders' Day in Cashmere

Water spray from a passing fire truck brings a welcome opportunity to cool off during the 2021 Cashmere Founders’ Days Parade that saw record, triple-digit temperatures. The event honoring Cashmere's history is held on the last Saturday of June each year.

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