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The sun sets on fog and clouds in the Wenatchee Valley in late December in this view from Badger Mountain Road above East Wenatchee.

Although it may not seem that way at first glance, East Wenatchee is a city brimming with modern and ancient history.

The East Wenatchee Clovis site, where 11,000-year-old stone tools were discovered by a local farmer, is a historical marvel. The site has since been refilled, but not before uncovering important clues about the Clovis people in Washington state. 


Former and present Eastmont High School students gather for a pickup game of futsal in November 2020 at the court at the Eastmont Community Park in East Wenatchee. The artificial turf field, smaller than a soccer field, opened up this summer after two years of planning led by East Wenatchee resident Alex Cruz. It's surrounded by fencing, but open to the public. An official futsal ball is smaller, heavier and doesn't bounce as high as a normal soccer ball.

201031-newslocal-discgolf 03.jpg

The sun sets on disc golf players playing the eighth hole in late October 2020 in East Wenatchee.

210526-newslocal-newpark 02.jpg

From the parking lot, a new neighborhood park is laid out north of 9th Street in East Wenatchee in May 2021. At that time, the park was closed to the public, but should be ready for fun in 2022.

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