Schoolchildren look down from a skylight through a circling salmon mobile at the new Discovery Center at Rocky Reach Dam.

Rocky Reach Discovery Center, which re-opened in 2021 after an extensive remodeling, has a little something for all ages. At the Discovery Center, you can learn all about hydroelectric power and the natural ecosystems that surround the Rocky Reach Dam. 

The main floor has one of the three mini-theaters in the Discovery Center. There is also a cafe with stairs up to a deck, which has a brilliant view of the dam and fish ladder.

220624-foothillsmag-discoverycenter 03.JPG

Chinook salmon swim the fish ladder at the Rocky Reach Dam Discovery Center.

220624-foothillsmag-discoverycenter 04.JPG

An interactive display lets you pilot steamship up the Columbia River, at the Discovery Center in Rocky Reach Park.

220624-foothillsmag-discoverycenter 02.JPG

A visiting family looks over an interactive display model at Rocky Reach Dam's Discovery Center.

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