WENATCHEE — Fire hazard designations expired Friday in Chelan County’s unincorporated areas, ending restrictions to small burn piles and travel.

Residents are now permitted to burn yard waste and operate motor vehicles off of roadways, Chelan County said in a news release.

County Fire Marshal Bob Plumb cautioned that the area has not received a significant amount of rain to combat dry conditions.

“If you do have plans to burn yard waste, keep the pile small and have a means to extinguish the fire readily available,” Plumb said. “And never leave a fire unattended, or burn under windy conditions.

County code calls for fire hazard designations to expire Oct. 1, but the state Department of Natural Resources still considers fire danger in most of Eastern Washington to be “moderate” and parts of North Central Washington, to include Chelan County and the Methow Valley, are rated as “high.”

Campfires are allowed in all areas of the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest that are normally open to campfires.

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