Teresa Bendito-Zepeda is a Wenatchee native and a co-founder of non-profit Parque Padrinos. In 2020, she also founded her own business, Teresita's Consulting, to provide services like interpretation and translation to local organizations, including Confluence Health.

Teresa Bendito

Teresa Bendito

Parque Padrinos co-founder

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Teresa Bendito in August walks through medical and vaccine information with José Concepción Lozada González at a pop-up clinic for migrant workers by Medical Teams International in Malaga.

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Beatriz Mata photographs the altar she set up in the front of her house on Methow Street in Wenatchee with her daughter Enedina, in the silver coat. Their display was one of 17 visited by people on a Day of the Dead walking tour presented by Parque Padrinos in November.

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