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Wenatchee Valley Business World's 30 Under 35 Class of 2020

WENATCHEE — Wenatchee Valley Business World’s “30 Under 35” Class of 2020 is an impressive group of individuals whose paths to success have taken varied routes.

We've spotlighted two of this year's class — Claire Oatey and Armando Bendito-Zepeda — as prime examples, representative of the rest. Each member, though, has a success story to share.

Oatey helps nonprofits connect
Bendito-Zepeda graduates college, starts career, buys his family a home — and more

All have a willingness to work hard to achieve their goals. They don’t shy away from a challenge and approach adversity with a positive attitude, overcoming barriers along the way. The nomination statements from supervisors, co-workers, community and family members describe them as dedicated, enthusiastic, responsible and passionate. They also are willing to lend a helping hand to others, in some cases making that their life’s work.

This year’s group includes 19 women and 11 men. One-third are still in their 20s. Their careers touch on most facets of the Wenatchee Valley’s economic drivers — agriculture, health care, education and professional services, as well as public service and nonprofits, with a few entrepreneurs included in the mix.

Most, but not all, have college degrees and, in some cases, are the first in their families to achieve that goal.

More than half grew up in the Wenatchee Valley.

Together, they are likely to be instrumental in determining what the Wenatchee Valley will be in the future.

What follows is an introduction to each, along with a look, in their words, at how they are responding to 2020’s elephant in the room — the COVID-19 pandemic that shuttered businesses and schools, disrupting life as we know it and, in the process, exposing underlying social issues nationwide.

30 Under 35 | Gustavo Gomez, Amanda Vargas, Christina Escalera, Jess Tyrrell, Armando Bendito-Zepeda
30 Under 35 | Alyssa Lenicka, Isabel Bedolla, Xochitl Velazquez, Claire Oatey, Ellyn Freed
30 Under 35 | Jenaia Johnson, Sam Chapin, Brandt Cappell, Devin Lau, Ana Gonzalez
30 Under 35 | Jennifer Smith, Chelsea Murphy, Nicole Brown, Tom Wachholder, Nathan Drescher
30 Under 35 | Ivan Valdovinos, Stephanie Boorman, John Donaghy, Nathan Cacka, Seth Stevens
30 Under 35 | Brooklyn Holton, Marcela Covarrubia, Kodi Jo Jaspers, Adelae Winters, John Wasniewski
On the Cover | Meet the 30 Under 35 Class of 2020
Taking attendance | 30 Under 35's Class of 2020

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