brad hawkins

Sen. Brad Hawkins

R-12th District

It has been exciting to read about the progress Douglas County PUD has been making toward its Wells Hydrogen Project and the possibilities of our region accessing federal funds under the Department of Energy’s regional hydrogen hubs initiative. While some people in our state may just be beginning to hear about the potential benefits of renewable hydrogen, local utility officials and I have been proudly pushing the potential benefits of renewable hydrogen for several years.

Back in 2019, I partnered with Douglas County PUD to sponsor and pass my Senate Bill 5588 to authorize public utility districts to produce and sell renewable hydrogen. Back then, I had to educate myself and my colleagues on renewable hydrogen and how it could benefit us all. In short, hydrogen (H{sub}2{/sub}) is a colorless and odorless gas that can be created from a process that uses electricity to separate hydrogen and oxygen molecules in water. I knew gaining a new “authority” for PUDs to produce and distribute hydrogen wasn’t going to be easy.

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