Building permits include property owner, contractor (when available), project address and description. Information provided by city and county records.

City of Wenatchee

Sept. 1

Kellogg Valley North Properties LLC, Columbia Bells LLC, 1300 N. Miller St., $550,000, tenant improvement for Taco Bell, interior and exterior remodel, signs, ADA upgrade

John R. Bailey, 1303 Princeton Ave., no valuation, reroofing

Sept. 2

Kellogg Valley North Properties LLC, Professional Quality Roofing LLC, 1300 N. Miller St., $29,200, reroof for Taco Bell

City of Wenatchee, Hellbent Brewing LLC, 7 N. Worthen St., no value listed for concrete floor removal

Sept. 3

Scott and Haley Simmons, Patriot Plumbing Heating and Cooling, 1921 Hideaway Place, $12,000, mechanical

Stanley and Carol Liebing, Patriot Plumbing Heating and Cooling, 1344 Oak St., $10,300, mechanical

Sept. 7

Sienna 41 LLC, Acme Homes LLC, 10 new single-family houses in 100 block of Sienna Road, valued from $263,502 to $304,328. 

Mooney Building LLC, 19 N. Wenatchee Ave., $150,000, tenant improvement

Chelan Douglas Regional Port Authority, DOH Associates PS, 285 Technology Center Way Suite 101, no valuation, demolition and restoration of suite

Sept. 8

FNWD Deer Haven LLC, Epic Construction Management, 1705 Stella Ave., no valuation, demolition of house

John F. Bayne et al, Mouw Glenn, 1818 No. 2 Canyon Road, no valuation, elevation certificate

Sept. 9

Kellogg Valley North Properties LLC, Philip Koumvakalis, 1380 N. Miller St., $10,000, wall-mounted rack system at Burlington Stores

Eduardo and Marilu Muniz, E & S Home Builders LLC, 502 Ramona Ave., $13,000, patio

Sept. 10

James M. and Joy R. Vanassche, Vanassche Inc., 2026 Broadhurst Place, $604,705, single-family residence

LocalTel Federal Building LLC, Forte Architects Inc., 301 Yakima St., $840,000, loading dock enclosure

Central Washington Health Services Assox., VK Powell Construction LLC, 1201 S. Miller St., $6,200,000, tenant improvement, conversion of ICU to PACU

Sept. 13

Burke Apartments LLC, 119 Okanogan Ave., $2,500, HVAC inspection, elevator door

Sept. 14

Gesa Credit Union, The Sign Post, Graybeal Signs, 1005 N. Wenatchee Ave., no valuation, electronic messaging center installation

Sept. 15

Wade Pellatt, Widener Construction LLC, 2067 Maiden Lane, no valuation, addition/alteration

Ken and Jeanell Climer, Patriot Plumbing Heating and Cooling, 1119 Washington St., $10,000, mechanical

Gregory Larsen, Patriot Plumbing Heating and Cooling, 1419 Dogwood Lane, $13,000, mechanical

TCB Partnership, Granger Carmen, 1112 N. Wenatchee Ave., $8,500, tenant improvement at Buzz Inn Steakhouse

Matthew Huston and Kelsey Schrempp, Patriot Plumbing Heating and Cooling, 1816 Castlerock Ave., $10,000, mechanical

Timothy Lamb, Patriot Plumbing Heating and Cooling, 609 Marian Ave., $10,000, mechanical

Jonathan Clark et al, Great Northern Plumbing Service, 1726 Springwater Ave., no valuation, plumbing

Sept. 16

Ashley Betancourt et al, Western Ranch Buildings, 1310 Millerdale Ave., $25,108, garage

Sept. 20

City of Wenatchee, 1410 S. Mission St., $2,700,000, new restrooms, stage, picnic structures at Lincoln Park

David J. Dorsey, Dick's Heating & A/C of Wenatchee Inc., 1517 First St., $8,250, mechanical

Beth Stipe, 1208 Madison St., $15,000, addition/alteration

Santa Cruz Farms LLC, 515 S. Mission St., no valuation, demolition interior walls

Alejandra Rodriguez, 338 Roosevelt Ave., no valuation, reroof

Sept. 21

FNWD Deer Haven LLC, Graybeal Signs, 1705 Stella Ave., no valuation, sign for apartments

John D. and Shelley A. Lisk, Risen Construction LLC, 1225 Ormiston St., $10,000, deck rebuild

Arlene Trotter, Alpine Roofing, 530 Highland Drive, no valuation, reroof

Sept. 22

GBS Holdings East LLC, Selland Construction Inc., 1285 S. Wenatchee Ave., $5,000, new flagpole

Howard and Luella Syria Trustees, Bollinger Custom Home Builders, 1323 and 1327 Fifth St., no valuation, demolition

Phoebe D. St. Dennis, Greystone Exteriors, 414 S. Chelan Ave., no valuation, reroof

Sept. 23

Seth Murray, Patriot Plumbing Heating and Cooling, 522 Kittitas St., $15,000, mechanical

Sept. 24

Hub and Spoke Holdings LLC, 14 N. Wenatchee Ave., $20,000, tenant improvement at Mercantile

Sept. 27

Alan C. Smith, Prestigious Patios LLC, 620 Meadows Drive, $99,000, pool

Sept. 30

YWCA, 212 First St., no valuation, demolition of shed

Chelan County

Sept. 2

Stefan Swoboda, 18549 Hazel St., Leavenworth, $205,968, additional dwelling unit

Keith W. and Lisa J. Goehner, 6391 Goehner Road, Cashmere, $28,205, single-family residence, addition/alteration

Trevor H. Morse, 2221 Sleepy Hollow Road, $52,232, single-family residence, addition/alteration

Sparks Construction LLC, 4259 Jim Smith Road, $127,174, accessory structure

Sept. 3

Larrie L. and Georgea L. Dovich, 2775 Debord Drive, $264,471, single-family residence

Dan Samson and Charmaine Hechanova, Lopez Design LLC, Twin Peaks Construction, 177 Mad River Road, Entiat, $289,724, single-family residence

Douglas and Tracey Hepner, One-Way Construction NW Inc., 157 Snuffy Smith Road, Manson, $702,100, single-family residence, addition/alteration

Joseph M. Harris, Zervas Architects, 244 Hawks Ridge Road, Chelan $1,373,101, single-family residence

Sunitsch Canyon LLC, Borealis Builders LLC, 11880 Sunitsch Canyon Road, Leavenworth, $238,657, single-family residence

Sunitsch Canyon LLC, Borealis Builders LLC, 11876 Sunitsch Canyon Road, Leavenworth, $137,022, single-family residence

Grindstone Properties LLC, Bartanen Construction, 10225 County Shop Road #A-H, Leavenworth, $406,836, new commercial structure

Sept. 7

Wessman Construction LLC, Lopez Design LLC, 127 Elizabeth Court, $611,834, single-family residence

Andrew and Virginia Read, Nash and Associates Architects, 24 Mela Lane, Manson, $495,030, single-family residence

Kathleen Wolf and Philip Blumhagen, Stefan Swoboda, 19948 S. Lakeshore Road, Chelan, $728,477, single-family residence

A Home Doctor Inc., Real Homes, 320 Margaux Loop, $295,418, single-family residence

A Home Doctor Inc., Real Homes, 52 Truest Lane, $231,826, single-family residence

Jeffrey S. Pierce, Modform LLC, 4100 Jim Smith Road, $357,983, single-family residence

Kathleen R. Clementson, DD Enterprises LLC, Craftncast LLC, 56 S.R. 150, no valuation, sign

Sept. 8

Brad and Lisa Wahlberg, 327 Hidden Lane, $701,156, single-family residence

Eider Construction LLC, Forte Architects Inc., 378 Sabio Way, Chelan, $528,252, single-family residence

Erik L. and Catherine E. Torset, 661 Cooper Gulch Road, Chelan, $381,654, single-family residence

Samuel and Colleen Crossett, BT Buildingworks LLC, 457 Connery Road, $222,313, additional dwelling unit

Michael and Monica Rucker, JWS Designs, Inc., 93 Parkhill Drive, Manson, $529,401, single-family residence

Thomas and Cindy Kahler Co-trustees, Lopez Design LLC, 9347 Olalla Canyon Road, Cashmere, $580,902, single-family residence

Greer and Jana Smith, Complete Design, 93 Driftwood Lane, $31,500, pool/spa

Sage Homes LLC, six new single-family houses in the 100 block of Emma Drive, value ranging from $269,447 to $284,580

Keely Reinhard et al, Prestigious Patios LLC, 725 Rosemary Court, Chelan Falls, no valuation, pool/spa

Pete Hedman, Western Ranch Buildings LLC, 5266 Squilchuck Road, $222,884, single-family residence

Rodney L. and Gail K. Lapasin, 313 Clos Chevalle Road, Chelan, $20,000, accessory structure

Sept. 9

Christopher and Theresa Platz, BT Buildingworks LLC, 2509 Kinnikinnick Drive, Lake Wenatchee, $338,389, single-family residence

Mark and Debbie Ossewaarde, Complete Design, 40 Sackett Glen Lane, Chelan, $66,664, accessory structure

Sept. 10

Puget Sound Quality Construction Inc., 149 Milan Drive, Manson, $503,018, single-family residence

William C. and Tara M. Miller, 350 Highpoint Lane, Chelan, $520,136 for single-family residence and $59,075 for accessory structure

Jerry R. Bowers and Cynthia M. Davis Bowers, Wessman Construction LLC, 5205 Mission Creek Road, Cashmere, $23,504, single-family residence, addition/alteration

Sept. 13

Rocky and Cheryl Yunge, Axelson Construction LLC, 2549 Sumac Lane #B, Leavenworth, $208,390, additional dwelling unit

Michael Wheat, 937 River Rock Lane, Chelan Falls, 125,302, additional dwelling unit

Jason Roberts, Borealis Builders LLC, 167 Big Jim Lane, Plain, $340,298, single-family residence

Chelan County PUD, 7512 Olalla Canyon Road, Cashmere, $45,942, addition/alteration

William and Kathleen Lilleness, Mulhall Construction Inc., 271 Reserve Lane, Mason, $899,007 for single-family residence, and $218,210 for additional dwelling unit

Steven and Cathy Hilde, K & L Homes LLC, 199 Milan Drive, Manson, $412,206, single-family residence

Sept. 14

Stuart and Jenee Hughes, JWS Designs Inc., 1294 Mowery Road, Chelan, $245,482, additional dwelling unit

Jason Gaul, Rookard Custom Pool LLC, 9889 Highway 97A, Entiat, no valuation, pool/spa

Christopher and Laura Sires, Otis Childers Construction, 128 Sires Lane, Leavenworth, $197,673, additional dwelling unit

Pascale and Joseph Boukhalil et al, A Plus Construction LLC, 89 Ascend Lane, Chelan, no valuation, mobile home

Pascale and Joseph Boukhalil et al, A Plus Construction LLC, 93 Ascend Lane, Chelan, no valuation, additional dwelling unit

Carrisa and James Blair, Rookard Custom Pool LLC, 181 Burch View Lane, Wenatchee, no valuation, pool/spa

Paul E. Smith, 24395 Highway 97, Chelan, $46,152, accessory structure

Christopher A. and Lynda D. Kennedy, Rocky Butte Construction LLC, 210 Bandera Way, Chelan, $11,794, single-family residence, addition/alteration

Terrie Lynn and Cara Christine Scenard, Rayfield Brothers Excavating Inc., 12825 Bayne Road, Leavenworth, no valuation, demolition

Sept. 15

Timberwood Homes LLC, 301 Burch Hollow Lane, $508,620, single-family residence

Floyd J. Jr. and Martha R. Erickson, 8396 Taber Road, Cashmere, $410,806, single-family residence

Floyd J. Jr. and Martha R. Erickson, 8400 Taber Road, Cashmere, no valuation, accessory structure

Sept. 16

Lindell Family Investments LLC, Lopez Design LLC, 13052 S. Lakeshore Road, Chelan, $237,869, single-family residence, addition/alteration

Justin and Malea Pulliam, Construction Consulting LLC, 4005 Stiss Canyon Road, Wenatchee, $185,907, single-family residence, addition/alteration

Kathleen Judd and Colleen Kennedy, Lexar Homes Wenatchee, 10563 Eagle Creek Road, Leavenworth, $289,146, single-family residence

Michael and Cassandra Kerr, Annex Design Services LLC, 13536 Entiat River Road, Entiat, $167,304, single-family residence

Michael and Monica Rucker, Steel Structures America Inc., 2408 S.R. 150, $94,765, accessory structure

Diede Holdings LLC, Greenleaf Earthwork-Maint Inc., 174 Diede Hills Lane, Wenatchee, $49,680, accessory structure

Dr. Grant R. Lohse and Dr. Liza K. Partlow, McDonald Building LLC, 8 Washut Lane, Manson, $168,219, accessory structure

Sept. 17

Tyler and Gina Long, BT Buildingworks LLC, 120 Towhee Lane, Peshastin, $125,378, single-family residence

Kalpana Narayanaswamy, Homes by JJ, 2599 Lakeshore Drive, Manson, $246,663, single-family residence

Walker Family Holdings, Knutson General Contracting LLC, 38 Hurds River Ranch Lane Building B, Malaga, $300,000, new commercial structure

Scott and Alicia Volyn, 109 E. Mountain Brook Lane, $36,716, single-family residence, addition/alteration

Matthew Axelson, Mulhall Design and Consulting, 22729 Lake Wenatchee Highway, Lake Wentchee, $34,460, accessory structure

Sept. 20

Humberto and Leonor Ramirez, 257 Substation Road, Chelan, $112,732, accessory structure

Brian and Jeneen Nixon, Alison Miller Architect LLC, 12654 Icicle Place, Leavenworth, $55,434, single-family residence, addition/alteration

Shawn and Mary O'Rourke, 2876 Green Ave., Manson, $99,096, single-family residence, addition/alteration

Gunnar and Heidi Ildhuso, Mulhall Design & Consulting, 278 Wapato Way #A-D, Manson, $300,000, new commercial structure

Susan and David Maricle, 2513 Kinnikinnick Drive, Leavenworth, $73,843, accessory structure

Yanis Plakos and Oneida Duran, Pilar LLC, 12557 Wilson St., $109,275, additional dwelling unit

Petes Place Orchard LLC, Jerry's Custom Homes LLC, 954 Moonshiners Lane, Wenatchee, $234,905, single-family residence

John J. and Mary L. Henri, 9211 Icicle Road, Leavenworth, $25,000, additional dwelling unit

Sept. 21

Littrell Commercial Investments LLC, 86 Blossom Lane, $648,893, single-family residence

Kelli E. and Chad W. Coltman et al c/o Malcolm K. and Barbara A. Wallace, Paul Scott Construction LLC, 1065 Wapato Lake Road, Manson, $668,833, single-family residence

Evan Ingram, West Coast Metal Buildings Inc., 21009 Stirrup Road, Leavenworth, $41,537, accessory structure

Sept. 22

Christopher and Sonja Sohn, Axelson Construction LLC, 8175 Williams Canyon Road, Cashmere, $133,714, single-family residence, addition/alteration

Timothy V. and Arlene Corbaley, 5652 Weatherend Drive, Cashmere, $123,226, single-family residence

Sept. 23

Michael and Brenda Lindstrom, 6408 Forest Ridge Drive, $25,640, single-family residence, addition/alteration

Chad and Teresa Gallaher, 911 Wapato Way, Manson, $78,851, single-family residence, addition/alteration

Sept. 27

Frank and Sharon Baker, Van Lith Developments & Excavation Inc., 4524 Mission Creek Road, Cashmere, $61,536, accessory structure

Michael and Ann Marie Johnson, Syndicate Smith LLC, 17019 North Shore Drive, Lake Wenatchee, $268,390, single-family residence, addition/alteration

Shaun M. and Terra D. Taylor, 73 Manson Bay Lane, Manson, $262,948, additional dwelling unit

Sept. 28

Kevin W. and Michelle Arnold, Hiline Homes, 67 Dinkelman Lane, Entiat, $433,346, single-family residence

Michele Mottaz, 15975 River Road, Plain, $187,719, additional dwelling unit

Sept. 29

Jerry Hargrove, Lexar Homes, 5549 Pine Flats Loop Road, Dryden, $347,053, single-family residence

Sage Homes LLC, six new single family houses on Emma Drive, all in the $250,000 range

Bishop's Orchards Inc., Western Ranch Buildings LLC, 1411 Howard Flats Road, Chelan, $82,048, modification

Sept. 30

Kimberly Skelding and Kollin Harmon, Van Lith Developments & Excavation Inc., 3900 Sky Crest Lane, $953,182, single-family residence

Serana LLC, Sanda Inc., 111 Merlot Lane, Manson, $429,998, single-family residence

Scott and Annette Sanders, Aaron Jones Construction LLC, 1700 Lower Monitor Road, $370,021, additional dwelling unit

City of East Wenatchee

Sept. 2

Deborah Jordan, 889 N. Devon, no valuation, sign, new wall sign

Sept. 9

Rocio and Jose Gonzalez, 1635 1st St. S.E., no valuation, building/addition of roofed deck, and basement window and door

Sept. 16

Connie Lamkin, 208 S. Houston Ave., no valuation, building/exterior landing in front of window to lower deck area

Martin Mendez, 30 Rock Island Road, no valuation, building/tenant improvements

Kristina Ballasiotes, 201 Valley Mall Pkwy, no valuation, sign/new wall sign

Dan Rookard, 1816 Briarwood Place, no valuation, building/inground shotcrete swimming pool

Sept. 27

Steven & Paula Huylar, 850 Amy Court, no valuation, mechanical/gas logs for fireplace

Walker Family Holdings LLC, 230 Grant Road, no valuation, building/sleeping rooms and kitchen alterations

Sept. 28

Jordan Ueker, 1325 N Arbor Terrace, no valuation, building/new single family residence

Craig M. Becker, 826 N. Jennifer Lane, no valuation, building/shop/garage

Douglas County

Sept. 1

Richard A. and Janine L. Krebs, 11 Sandcastle Drive, Orondo, $430,716, single-family residence

Christopher and Melanie Anderson, 233 Willow View Drive, Orondo, $406,978, single-family residence

Sept. 3

Wade Troutman and Jane Whiddon, 660 Old Highland Orchard Road, Bridgeport, $271,933, single-family residence

Sept. 7

Scott and Daneen Sturgeon, 151 Ridge Road, $39,490, accessory structure

Jerry Ulmer, 325 Road 1 S.W., $382,453, single-family residence

Gregory C. and Christine A. Klingel, 2370 8th St. S.E., $129,000, pool

KRR Twin W. LLC, 85 Orchard Place, Orondo, $644,600, single-family residence

Scott and Lynda McDougall, 72 N. Adventure Point, $98,000, pool

Timberwood Homes LLC, 2067 Legacy Place S.E., $319,097, single-family residence

Ackerman Construction Inc., 683 S. Perry Ave., Wenatchee, $288,576, single-family residence

Joseph and Darlene Will, 2141 N. River Drive, $11,500, miscellaneous

Sept. 8

Mitchell Hill, $290,672, single-family residence

Timothy Ayers, 2795 Palomino Loop, $17,230, accessory structure

Timothy Ayers, 2795 Palomino Loop, $17,230, accessory structure

Sept. 9

Robert M. and Rosalie A. Kimbrell, 2401 Plateau Drive, $13,949, deck

Sept. 10

Philipp Buterbaugh, 1759 and 1761 Grant Road, $388,681, duplex

Philipp Buterbaugh, 1763 and 1766 Grant Road, $388,681, duplex

Stuart R. and Catherine L. Sankey, 21715 US 97, Orondo, $100,000, pool

Silver Spur Homeowners Association c/o A-G Sod Company, 18 Galbraith Road, $52,308, patio

Sept. 13

Jessup Home Design Inc., 2558 Parkette St S.E., $314,725, single-family residence

Sept. 14

Jesus I. and Dineli Vazquez, 1121 S. Mary Ave., $47,009, remodel

Nicholas and Mary L. Ceto III, 81 N. Shore Drive, Orondo, $502,355, single-family residence

Element Homes LLC, 919 N. Newport Loop, $321,590, single-family residence

Evans Lease Inc., 2626 Gun Club Road, $143,960, addition

Florence Zanol, 21363B US 97 #B, Chelan, $4,000, demolition

Sept. 15

Grant Missionary Baptist Church, 125 S. Kentucky Ave., $42,106, walkway cover

Sept. 17

Sagebrook LRR LLC, six new single-family houses in the 2300 block of Marlette Road, value range from $168,563 to $206,166

Sept. 20

Jeffrey A. and Therese M. Litton, 62 Shore Drive, $645,667, single-family residence

Jeffrey A. and Therese M. Litton, 62 Shore Drive, $119,790, accessory structure

Robin Spisak, 206 Falcon Ridge Road, $17,230, accessory structure

Element Homes LLC, 2450 Berkley Loop, $16,987, retaining wall

Sept. 22

Kevin M. and Kym A. Sweepe, 9 Orondo Loop, Orondo, $420,187, single-family residence

Sagebrook LRR LLC, 2354 S.E. Marlette Road, $206,166, single-family residence

Sagebrook LRR LLC, 1163 S. New Oak Lane, $156,962, single-family residence

Sagebrook LRR LLC, 1173 S. New Oak Lane, $156,962, single-family residence

Sept. 23

Stanley L. and Vicki L. Anderson, 25 Fredrick Court, $390,147, single-family residence

Randall and Liza Watkins, 68 Corral Creek Drive, $227,739, add well

Anne B. Smith, 77 N. Shore Drive, Orondo, $662,107, single-family residence

Sept. 24

Bradley R. and Brenda K. Maas Smith, 22841 US 97, Orondo, $66,540, pool

Robert S. and Susan A. Floyd, 324 Stoneridge Drive, $13,163, addition

Sept. 29

Mike Kummer, 330 S. Partridge Lane, $70,000, pool

Sept. 30

Longitude 120 LLC/Schmitt Electric, 13 Pangborn Drive, $992,544, commercial warehouse

Brandon Parker, 2840 Mikayla Lane, $6,900, fuel tank

Darlene Jones, Serviceberry Lane, Orondo, $7,358, fuel tank

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