Issued by City of Wenatchee

Amezcua’s Orchard LLC: 1501 Malaga Highway, apple orchards

Ogle Farms LLC: 2023 Broadway North, crop farming

Baker Farm Gate LLC, 1006 Princeton Ave. N., crop farming

Morrell Orchard LLC: 5295 Squilchuck Road, crop farming

Eagle Rock Ranch: Fadich Enterprises LLC, 4101 April Drive, beef cattle ranching or farming

Anchorhead Construction & Maintenance LLC: 1300 Poe St., new single-family housing construction

Rimbey Solutions LLC: 730 Okanogan Ave., plumbing, heating, or air-conditioning contractor

Plumb Pros Washington LLC: 601 S. Wenatchee Ave., plumbing, heating, or air-conditioning contractor

Strong Balance: Strong Balance PS, 755 S. Chelan Ave., retail bakery

Transamerican Inc.: 204 Antles Ave., wholesale trade agent or broker

Island Time Holdings LLC: 817 Benton Way, wholesale trade agent or broker

Arod Shop LLC: 1102 Crescent St., automotive parts and accessories store

Methow Market: Salvador Rios Mendoza, 617 Methow St., convenience store

Cured By Visconti LLC: 1501 N. Miller St., meat market

Idea Board Shop: Idea Board Shop LLC, 1110 N. Miller St., sporting goods store

Boho Bum: Ivy Bailey, 242 N. Franklin Ave., general merchandise store

Sweet Posy Flower Farm: Melanie Doubroff, 1217 Pershing St., florist

Earthwise Pet: Bidu LLC, 212 Fifth St., pet or pet supply store

Washington Bully Co.: Alexander Ruben Betancourt, 1609 Mulberry Lane, pet or pet supply store

Pear Media & Events: Rafael Aguilar, 768 S. Mission St., radio station

Irongate Partners Inc.: 7 N. Wenatchee Ave., investment advice

Thomas H. Dye, Trustee: Thomas H. Dye, 681 Okanogan Ave., trust, fiduciary or custody activity

Sunflower Homes: Derek Moeller, 21 Pennsylvania Ave., lessor of residential buildings or dwellings

William Albert Gould: 5200 Whispering Ridge Drive, lessor of residential buildings or dwellings

Abundant Bookkeeping Solutions LLC: 2210 Stephanie Brooke, accounting services

Sarah Armour Consulting, LLC: 907 N. Elliott Ave., administrative management or general management consulting services

Urethane Connections: John J. Barry, 20 Harrison St., telemarketing bureau or other contact center

GC Industries: Kevin A. Gomez, 610 S. Western Ave., janitorial services

Bella S. Cleaning Services: Irene Lopez, 617 Marjo St., janitorial services

Bailey’s Pro Landscaping, Inc.: 242 N. Franklin Ave., landscaping services

Technical Decontamination Specialists: Firehouse Productions LLC, 1614 Walnut St., remediation services

Joseph S. Cox: 1027 Vista Place, miscellaneous school or instruction

Radiant Path Psychiatry PLLC: 330 King St., physician office

Cynthia Buckley Counseling LLC: 113 Second St., mental health practitioner office

Saddle Rock Virtual Psychiatry: Albert Comroe Wertz, 1025 Canal Blvd., mental health practitioner office

Thompson and Sons: Brandon William Thompson, 1011 N. Western Ave., individual or family services

Children’s Gate Montessori School: Children’s Gate Montessori School LLC, 1425 Cherry St., child day care services

Happy Place Day Care: Flor Maria Zamora Sanchez, 511 Sunset Ave., child day care services

Lupita’s Homecare: Maria Guadalupe Suarez, 2371 Lower Chatham Hill Road, child day care services

Abstracts of the Heart: Dean Douglas Adams, 20 N. Emerson Ave., independent artist, writer or performer

Able Abode: Aubra Brianne Vertrees, 1505 Madison St., traveler accommodation

Taqueria La Cihualteca LLC: 1211 N. Wenatchee Ave., full-service restaurant

Draft: Draft LLC, 3 N. Worthen St., full-service restaurant

Charity Glidewell: Charity Ann Glidewell, 212 Fifth St., beauty salon

Flawless Skin & Waxing: Kassidy Adele Simmons, 415 N. Mission St., nail salon

Christ Gospel Wenatchee Mission Church: 736 Walker Ave., religious organization

Krygyz-Washington Sister Region Organization: 5317 Big Springs Ranch Road, grantmaking or giving service

Issued by City of East Wenatchee

No business licenses were issued by the City of East Wenatchee during April.

Nevonne McDaniels: 664-7151