Chelan County commercial sales

Feb. 4

Michael W. and Audrey J. Raggio, 215 Whitman St. A., Leavenworth, $570,000, sold to Darrell and Marianne Brunner et al

Feb. 5

David and Sandi Hendrickson, 1240 W. Woodin Ave., Chelan, $93,000, sold to Frank and Rebecca Scott

Feb. 7

Duane E. and Doreen J. La Vigne JTRS, 415 Cottage Ave. 1, Cashmere, $365,000, sold to Richard and Claudia Etzkorn

C. Ed Glenn, 1301 N. Wenatchee Ave., Wenatchee, $305,000, sold to William H. Timmermans

Feb. 12

Esperanza Escamilla, 411 Methow St. 1, Wenatchee, $327,500, sold to 790 LLC

Reed Shoreline Corporation, 10 and 94 Wapato Point Parkway and Property ID 49713 (three parcels), Manson, $667,500, sold to Gunnar and Heidi Ildhuso

Feb. 28

Joshua and Holly Didjurgis, 2208 W. Woodin Ave., Chelan, $420,000, sold to KMD LLC

Chelan County residential sales

Feb. 3

Donna L. Brunz Trust, 114 N. Miller St., Wenatchee, $255,000, sold to Joseph and Maya P. Grantham

B.L. Johnson Investments LLC, 1 S. Garfield Ave., Wenatchee, $389,000, sold to Lola Kemp

Donald S. Chapman, 617 Cedar St., Leavenworth, $530,000, sold to Robert and Amanda C. Parish

Wildhorse Associates LLC, 18800 Beaver Valley Road, Plain, $360,000, sold to Bethel Investments LLC

Feb. 4

Lydia M. Acevado et al, 803 Easy St., Wenatchee, $267,000, sold to Blain J. and Patricia N. Peck

Michael John Smith, 1101 Amherst Ave., Wenatchee, $185,000, sold to Nicholas T. and Rochelle M. Whitewater

Jay and Kristina N. Mugg, 509 Pioneer Drive, Wenatchee, $310,000, sold to David A. Whiting

Mitchell F. and Cheryl A. Slavensky Trustees, 20045 Beaver Valley Road, Plain, $1,050,000, sold to GTE II LLC

Douglas A. and Lisa K. Kusler, 808 W. Manson Road A303, Chelan, $305,000, sold to Cyndy Nance

Feb. 5

Kevin Ryan and Vuthy C. Chou, 545 Junction Lane E803, Leavenworth, $340,000, sold to Gerardo Bermudez and Wendi Rogers

Robert and Eva Tiliano, 930 Malaga Ave., Wenatchee, $70,000, sold to Felipe J. Flores

Feb. 6

Cheryl Kimball, 1535 Castlerock Ave. 20, Wenatchee, $217,000, sold to Steven L. Brothers et al

Raye Winters, 7055 Icicle Road, Leavenworth, $600,000, sold to Charles Martin and Cynthia Petersen-Martin

Jay and Heidi Bryan, 16410 Chumstick Highway, Leavenworth, $326,500, sold to Joseph N. Melnyk

Jeffrey K. and Lucille M. Herzog, 10 Terrace Drive, Manson, $525,000, sold to Antonio H. and Cheryl L. H. Robinson

Habrehab LLC, 306 Village Drive, Manson, $485,000, sold to Paris and Kathleen Bendixsen

Feb. 7

GBI Holding Co., 4805 Saturday Ave., Malaga, $252,500, sold to Daniel and Irma Arroyo et al

Walt A. Lankhaar, 2466 Salal Drive, Lake Wenatchee, $675,000, sold to Johan P. and Sarah J. Hansen

Alex and Margaret McKenzie, 330 Chapel St., Cashmere, $200,000, sold to Harvey B. and Jaimie Goehring

Feb. 10

J. Raymond Monsey, 11600 River Bend Drive, Leavenworth, $925,000, sold to Constantine Korovkin and Nadia Postupna

Dale L. and Diane M. Ricard, 260 Dusty Lane, Malaga, $90,000, sold to Blaine F. Deines

Lester Living Trust, 2620 Lester Road, Wenatchee, $275,000, sold to Timothy C. Kuechmann

Teresa Loidhamer et al, 1601 Maiden Lane A202, Wenatchee, $315,000, sold to Hazel E. Thornton

James V. Brixey, 18775 Pine Cone Drive, Lake Wenatchee, $350,000, sold to Brian J. Baker and Adam C. Baker

Feb. 11

D & T Campbell Investments LLC, 727 Easy St. A and Property ID 24510 and 63988 (three parcels), Wenatchee, $3,431,457, sold to Pheasant Hills Estates LLC

Steven J. and Lucette Pearson, 7280 Olalla Canyon Road, Cashmere, $625,000, sold to Ronald L. and Kristina Burke

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 1766 Marker St., Wenatchee, $139,102, Jaime Flores

David L. and Karalee Van Cleave, 544 Circle St., Wenatchee, $430,000, sold to Jose L. Morales and Rosy Nunez

Telemark Property LLC, 211 Pennsylvania Ave. 1, Wenatchee, $395,000, sold to Derek Moeller and Alina M. Godfrey

Telemark Property LLC, 215 Pennsylvania Ave., Wenatchee, $347,000, sold to Derek Moeller and Alina M. Godfrey

Feb. 12

Snyder Family Revocable Living Trust, 6284 Forest Ridge Drive, Wenatchee, $505,000, sold to Joel P. and Andra L. Freet

Douglas Lewis, 1725 Fifth St., Wenatchee, $335,000, sold to Christopher Martinez and Byron Rodriguez

Michael J. Cherenzia and Patricia A. Flynn-Cherenzia, 480 Alpine Place K2, Leavenworth, $385,000, sold to Hugo Andres Cisneros Ayala

Clayton R. Patmont, 417 Bayshore Lane, Manson, $215,000, sold to Robert L. Bolton et al

Rosy Curiel, 3077 Riviera Blvd., Malaga, $285,000, sold to Karli N. and Ryan W. Azevedo

Carol F. Gemkow, 2622 Indy Lane, Wenatchee, $335,000, sold to Tyce T. and Anna M. Thomas

Feb. 13

Kristy Lunde, Property ID 41377, Highway 150, Chelan, $5,000, sold to Susan L. and Britton B. Slone

Kylie Johnson, 505 N. Navarre St., Chelan, $359,900, sold to Christine Davenport-Welter and Chris R. Welter

Rocky Desert Properties LLC, 930 Orondo Ave., Wenatchee, $305,000, sold to Jose A. and Kayla L. Villa Casillas

Damon Kraft, 1315 Poe St., Wenatchee, $325,000, sold to Margo L. Hanson and Christopher A. Rentz

Feb. 14

Randall L. Grams, 203 Cedar St., Cashmere, $402,000, sold to Salvador Lanuza and Maria Torres et al

Brian H. and Kristi L. Blair, 10425 Titus Road, Leavenworth, $181,000, sold to Angela K. Blau, Alvin E. Blau and Julie M. Blau

Robert Dunn, 2220 W. Woodin Ave. 311, Chelan, $258,000, sold to David L. and Deborah L. Needham

Mike and Cindy Hendricks, 81 Coopers Hawk Lane, Leavenworth, $1,650,000, sold to Bill and Pamela Gaszynski

Feb. 18

Bradley and Karen Hanson, 1000 Sage Crest Drive, Wenatchee, $505,000, sold to Jason M. Cobb

Webkorp LLC, 325 Melody Lane, Wenatchee, $332,000, sold to Brian H. and Kristi L. Blair

Michael J. Monaco, 315 Division St., Leavenworth, $455,000, sold to Rusty and Amanda M. Gibbs

Cassandra A. and Jonathan D. Franklin, 1218 Red Apple Road, Wenatchee, $210,000, sold to El Patron Rosales LLC

Delmer G. Magrini, 1832 and 1840 Duke St. (two parcels), Wenatchee, $54,000, sold to Jaime Flores

Feb. 19

Lynch Family Trust, 3124 Bermuda St., Malaga, $255,000, sold to Rachel Armstrong

Kevin and Melissa Sullivan, 9239 Lone Pine Orchards Road, Leavenworth, $2,025,000, sold to Jacques R. Boiroux

Donald S. Casal, 117 Freedom Lane, Chelan, $233,000, sold to Jessica Casal and Leeanne Casal et al

Jessica Casal and Leeanne Casal et al, 318 E. Raymond St., Chelan, $277,000, sold to Ben Archibeque II and Dyana Archibeque

Edgar Rodrigue, 627 Highland Drive, Wenatchee, $234,900, sold to Bryan L. Galbraith

Maite Molina and Ana Martinez, 559 Village Drive, Manson, $340,000, sold to Lawrence F. and Deborah S. Kelley

Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, 210 Marie Ave., Wenatchee, $250,000, sold to John D. Betzing

David Hasse, 1325 Mountain Vista, Wenatchee, $690,000, sold to Terry L. and Susan J. Parker

Joe and Cynthia L. Malin, 166 Mad River Road, Ardenvoir, $180,000, sold to Chad L. and Melissa L. Nelson

Feb. 20

Delfino Infante, 101 Crestview Place, Cashmere, $295,000, sold to Jaime Carreno

Patrick K. O’Hara, 1403 Dogwood Lane, Wenatchee, $455,000, sold to Christian F. Barboza and Cassandra M. Rios

Susan J. Hendrickson, 2027 Lasso Drive, Wenatchee, $312,000, sold to Richard and Geri Elsensohn

Andrew Dumont, 524 Hawks Ridge Road, Chelan, $910,000, sold to John J. and Jill D. Morones

Scott A. Lowers, 281 Easy St., Wenatchee, $329,000, sold to Kayla Sommerfeld

Feb. 21

James B. Wood III and Cecelia A. Wood Trustees, 3530 Westridge Place, Wenatchee, $927,000, sold to Michael and Susan Kidd Trustees

Bernice McCulley, 332 E. Nixon Ave., Chelan, $350,000, sold to Dana Jeanne Hilpert

Shane Bickford et al, 11155 S. Lakeshore Road 32, Chelan, $200,000, sold to Kevin D. Towne

Thomas L. and Donna D. Winstanley, 3994 Squilchuck Road, Wenatchee, $256,000, sold to Erik A. Nelson and Jessica Etue

William J. Funke, 25312 Saddle St., Plain, $336,925, sold to Robert L. Jones III and Brittany A. Jones

Jerry Garton, 434 E. Nixon Ave., Chelan, $120,000, sold to Christopher and Verna Garton

David and Robin Powers, Property ID 50177, Chelan, $64,000, sold to Robert W. King

Timothy C. House et al, 100 Rolling Rock Road, Chelan, $495,000, sold to Devon and Tyler Ehlert

Feb. 22

Amy S. Vira, 1118 Linwood Ave., Wenatchee, $310,500, sold to Eric Helmer

Feb. 24

Christine L. Trigg and Jay D. Hauger, 316 Meadow Drive, Leavenworth, $479,000, sold to Woody L. and Ashley M. Braden

Devon and Tyler Ehlert, 80 Rolling Rock Road, Chelan, $439,000, sold to Sean and April Puryear

Feb. 25

Lorna L. Lane, 4136 Eels Road, Cashmere, $599,000, sold to Samuel W. and Roxanne Bryant

Juan Mirelez and Felipa Huerta, 204 Perry St., Cashmere, $52,709, Pedro Alvarado et al

Ramon E. and Carmen E. Rivera, 824 Beacon Road, Wenatchee, $439,000, sold to Seth K. and Amanda F. Weedman

David N. and Karen J. Bayle, 3326 Burch Mountain Road, Wenatchee, $479,900, sold to Mark Pond

Feb. 26

Kyle Beattie, 1127 Washington St., Wenatchee, $236,000, sold to Dennis J. Metzger

Heather M. Silvers, 658 Majestic View Drive, Wenatchee, $950,000, sold to Robert and Sara Biles

Dois D. and Wanda L. Austin, 2729 Debord Drive, Wenatchee, $287,000, sold to Debra Ann and Raymond H. Stinson

Michael D. Simmons, 16675 Chumstick Highway and Property ID 36793 and 36819 (three parcels), Leavenworth, $933,000, sold to Michelle Hatch

Fernando Guzman, 839 Yakima St., Wenatchee, $294,000, sold to Tommy and Lilly T. Nguyen

Judith Ann Schalka, 132 S. Emerson Ave., Wenatchee, $225,000, sold to SNJ Construction Remodeling & Design LLC

Amie D. Herron, 771 Monroe St., Wenatchee, $285,000, sold to Ellen M. Walker-Wood and Christian A. Wood

Habventures LLC, 327 Malaga Ave., Wenatchee, $13,000, sold to Erick Noe Gutierrez

Timberwood Homes LLC, 217 Burch Hollow Lane, Wenatchee, $674,990, sold to Heather M. Silvers

Feb. 27

William E. and Julia Ann N. Gotthold Trustees, 409 Lower Sunnyslope Road, Wenatchee, $580,000, sold to David and Danika Skale

Jacqueline Craw, 301 Johnson Creek Road, Chelan, $20,000, sold to Zendal L. Armstrong Jr. and Margaret S. Armstrong

Joshua G. Schkrohowsky and Cynthia Lochhead, 1050 S. Lakeshore Road, Chelan, $2,050,000, sold to Cavin and Misty Philbin

Feb. 28

James T. and Barbara J. Davis, 6415 Summit View Place, Wenatchee, $673,000, sold to Patrick K. O’Hara and Theresa L. Terry

Paul Kapeikis, 2120 Sunrise Circle, Wenatchee, $475,000, sold to Camilla Diloreto

Andrei Egorov, 1243 Woods St., Wenatchee, $278,900, sold to Amanda J. Ward

Paul B. Gallagher, 842 Cagle Gulch Road, Chelan, $276,000, sold to Tray G. Griffith

Julie H. Smith, 17055 Entiat River Road, Entiat, $507,000, sold to Jeffrey A. and Lindsay K. Henning

Chelan County land sales

Feb. 3

Daniel L. and Jessica L. Krause, 1395 Mountain Vista, Wenatchee, $133,750, 1.42 acres, sold to Andrew and Lindsay Johnston

Feb. 4

Carl Rinker, Property ID 58873, Malaga, $50,000, 0.28 acres, sold to Airway Excavation & Construction LLC

Feb. 6

Sheila R. Zimmerman, Property ID 56445, Wenatchee, $45,000, 19.51 acres, sold to Gordon and Shelly Zimmerman

Whisper Investments LLC, 1110 Sunset Lane, Chelan, $85,000, 0.18 acres, sold to Eastern Washington Construction Inc.

Eider Properties LLC, 75 Chelsie Lane, Leavenworth, $145,000, 1.07 acres, sold to Rebecca Jo and Johnny M. Brown

Feb. 10

Gene Cornelsen, 34293 S. Nason Road, Stevens Pass, $50,000, 0.28 acres, sold to Alexander James

Feb. 12

Vasile and Veronica Simion, Property ID 68098, Pobst Canyon FS 6601 Road, Plain, $130,000, 6.14 acres, sold to Zoltan and Kristin Szabadi

Feb. 13

Jon and Jolene Beem, Property ID 21580, Cashmere, $90,500, 0.2 acres, sold to Ryan Cox

Feb. 14

Mountain Pacific Bank, 9978 and 9992 Saska Way (two parcels), Entiat, $29,000, 0.46 acres, sold to Robert A. Hagel

Mountain Pacific Bank, 9955 and 9959 Griffith Place (two parcels), Entiat, $42,000, 0.89 acres, sold to Ryan H. Hagel

Feb. 19

Keith C. Vincent and Judy Ann Siemer, 225 and 229 W. Center St. (two parcels), Leavenworth, $260,000, 0.32 acres, sold to Ryan Butler

Mountain Pacific Bank, 9980 Saska Way, Entiat, $29,000, 0.24 acres, sold to Diana Wetz

Mountain Pacific Bank, 9962 Griffith Place, Entiat, $36,000, 0.28 acres, sold to James T. and Jayme A. Cornell

Mountain Pacific Bank, Property ID 67781, Wenatchee, $75,000, 20.02 acres, sold to Michael and Constance Sobotta

Wapiti North LLC, 21 Starlight Ave., Wenatchee, $470,900, 0.36 acres, sold to Miguel and Linda Galvan

Feb. 20

Lakeview Orchards Inc., 140 Clos Chevalle Road, Chelan, $150,000, 0.63 acres, sold to Justin and Angela Hamlin

Homes Direct of Washington LLC, 1830 Duke St., Wenatchee, $70,000, 0.14 acres, sold to Fernando and Hermilla Guzman et al

Feb. 21

Real Estate Services of Wenatchee Valley LLC, 727 S. Chelan Ave., Wenatchee, $265,000, 0.13 acres, sold to Jose Ruiz et al

Eric D. and Kelly L. Dominick, 601 Havenwood Drive, Manson, $85,000, 0.13 acres, sold to Eastern Washington Construction Inc.

Feb. 24

Jeremy C. and Sophally N. Showalter, Property ID 50250, Chelan, $100,000, 20 acres, sold to Steven J. and Cordelia M. Ford

Feb. 25

Michelina B. Minor, 490 Hawks Ridge Road, Chelan, $125,000, 21.25 acres, sold to TNT Properties LLC

Shirley Hughes and Stephen Rollins JTRS, 25 Milan Drive, Manson, $125,000, 0.4 acres, sold to LM Holdings LLC

Becker Homes LLC, 310 Pine St., Leavenworth, $650,000, 0.15 acres, sold to David G. and Ashley L. Kakish

Kirk and Jenny Pesce, 225 Pinegrass St., Leavenworth, $130,000, 0.15 acres, sold to George and Sovanny Sexton

Thomas D. Gregory, 6209 Crum Canyon Road, Entiat, $106,000, 14 acres, sold to Rodney A. and Michelle C. Hoffman

Feb. 26

Alvin D. Holman, Property ID 31519, Dryden, $180,000, 5 acres, sold to Gary A. and Mindy S. Waunch

Scott Kennedy and Eva Snow, Property ID 39194, Lake Wenatchee, $215,000, 5.4 acres, sold to Patrick L. and Linette Albin

Evans Development Co. LLC, 241 Burch Hollow Lane, Wenatchee, $87,000, 0.43 acres, sold to Timberwood Homes LLC

G. Ted Schroth Trustee et al, 206 Jackrabbit Lane, Chelan, $245,000, 0.11 acres, sold to Christopher M. Thomas and Marissa Jo Schneider

Feb. 27

Brent A. and Christine M. Barber, 3322 Ohme Road, Wenatchee, $160,000, 0.58 acres, sold to Gerald A. and Beverly J. Van Winkle

Easy Clover Holdings LLC, Property ID 24819, Wenatchee, $425,000, 0.61 acres, sold to TKC! LLC

Feb. 28

Crystal Acquisitions LLC, 143 Waterview Drive, Chelan, $190,000, 0.83 acres, sold to Robert Beckett

Douglas County commercial sales

Feb. 10

State of Washington, parcel number 23202710150, East Wenatchee, $575,000, sold to Pronghorn LLC

Douglas County residential sales

Feb. 3

Louis K. and Jennifer J. Vimont, 2148 Sunset Highway, East Wenatchee, $283,157, sold to Elgin Eugene and Michelle L. Shaw

Feb. 4

Julia C. Ellington and Steven S. Tilka, 1932 Legendary Lane S.E., East Wenatchee, $510,000, sold to Kevin and Tammy Harvey

Feb. 5

April Roa, 2400 Tacoma Ave. Space 12, Bridgeport, $3,500, sold to Jose Miguel Gomez

Feb. 6

Greg D. Rix, 710 N. Baker Ave., East Wenatchee, $265,900, sold to Sarah and Nathaniel Toney, Lauren E. Johnson and Barbara R. Rossing

Mason J. and Marnie A. Pickett, 353 N. Kentucky Ave., East Wenatchee, $253,240, sold to Amanda Roy and Edward J. Kavanaugh

James K. Jahr Jr. and Connie Lea Jahr, 1714 7th St. N.E., East Wenatchee, $330,000, sold to Brad and Kandis Boersema

Feb. 7

Justin Blaufuss, 1241 Jupiter St. S.E., East Wenatchee, $368,000, sold to Brian T. and Megan L. Wetherald

Slipstream LLC, 828 Madeleine Court, East Wenatchee, $390,000, sold to Paul and Lynn A. Nelson

Brian T. and Megan L. Wetherald, 498 Rock Island Road, East Wenatchee, $264,500, sold to Dean T. Barrett

William Mitchell and Karen Randall Boyce, 150 11th St. N.E., East Wenatchee, $120,000, sold to Phaymaly Maytrychit

Tyler James and Shae Victoria Alos, 485 S. Mason Ave., East Wenatchee, $424,900, sold to Sandra G. Towne

Feb. 11

Lois Smeltzer, 351 19th St. N.E. #15, East Wenatchee, $380,000, sold to Lorna Lane

Kady and Porfirio Gonzalez, 900 Kenroy Terrace, East Wenatchee, $384,900, sold to Parrish Delshun Carbins

Feb. 12

Prime Properties LLC, 2129 S. Melody Lane, East Wenatchee, $27,514, sold to John F. and Mayra A. Reichmann

Sage Homes LLC, 2129 S. Melody Lane, East Wenatchee, $350,486, sold to John F. and Mayra A. Reichmann

Robert K. and Gwen Johnson, 619 A Highway 173 and 621 Highway 173 (two parcels), Bridgeport, $112,500, sold to Jovani Torres Saucedo

Feb. 13

Cesar Rafael Rodriguez Pascacio, 2400 Tacoma Ave. Space 26, Bridgeport, $5,000, sold to Jose del Carmen Arenas

Dona L. Potter, 120 35th St. N.W., East Wenatchee, $421,000, sold to Brian W. and Autumn D. Potter

U.S. Bank Trust N.A., 2260 Fancher Heights Blvd. East Wenatchee, $405,000, sold to Salvador Ramirez and Heather Zavala

Feb. 14

Steven L. Manring, 625 N. Jerome Lane, East Wenatchee, $279,000, sold to Jesus M. Farias and Socorro Farias Mejia

Feb. 18

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 1705 Fisk Ave., Bridgeport, $160,000, sold to Araceli Lopez Garcia

Jacinto C. Bedolla and Yolanda Orozco, 641 N. Jennifer Lane, East Wenatchee, $367,000, sold to Stephen J. Wright and Kathleen M. McNalty

David and Wendy Lane, 611 Cindy Court, East Wenatchee, $325,000, sold to Kyle Allen and David and Cheri Allen

Feb. 20

Olallaco LLC, 1611 Douglas St., Rock Island, $409,000, sold to Noe and Guadalupe M. Sitio

Feb. 21

Jay A. and Loris L. Burmester, 125 Ironwood Place, East Wenatchee, $385,000, sold to Sarah L. and Tyson C. Valdez

Wade E. and Andrea Dills, 638 N. Kentucky Ave., East Wenatchee, $463,000, sold to Tyler Richard and Kayla Marie Hodges

Feb. 24

Randy and Deleda Hein, 2415 B N.W. Cascade Ave., East Wenatchee, $50,000, sold to Lori Andre Van Lith and Barbara L. Andre Van Lith

Jay S. and Danielle M. Renwick, 3970 N.E. Vista Del Rey Drive, East Wenatchee, $290,000, sold to Alexis Ilana Burg

Linda L. Ylinen, 2571 2nd St. S.E., East Wenatchee, $140,400, sold to Charlie E. Whitney Jr. and Kathryn Whitney

Jill M. Sackman, 2342 Herndon Drive, East Wenatchee, $303,700, sold to Cynthia Lea Brooks

Penfold Estates LLC, 2481 Rock Island Road, East Wenatchee, $75,000, sold to Cristobal Aguilar

Feb. 25

Francisco and Maria R. Mendez, 585 N. Colorado Ave., East Wenatchee, $400,000, sold to Juan Manuel Muniz Arroyo

U.S. Bank National Association, 206 S. Houston Ave., East Wenatchee, $239,900, sold to Paul and Robin K. Melton

Jeremy R. and Brittany L. Stumetz, 1500 N.W. Avon Court, East Wenatchee, $297,000, sold to Teresa Saldana, Adrian Arroyo Vega and Javier Saldana Jimenez et al

Lisa M. Owens, 638 Highline Drive, East Wenatchee, $259,900, sold to Tim Thompson

DPE Properties LLC, 990 Highline Drive, East Wenatchee, $470,000, sold to Tawni L. Schutter

Eder M. Arroyo Vega, 2481 Rock Island Road, East Wenatchee, $8,000, sold to Cristobal Aguilar

Feb. 26

Lonnie Serrano, 2730 Sunset Highway, East Wenatchee, $328,000, sold to Mitchell Hoefner

Richard Benjamin Laughlin Jr. et al, 1351 Tractor Loop, East Wenatchee, $314,000, sold to Victor J. and Patricia G. Burri

Koula Ann McDonald, 640 N. Jennifer Lane, East Wenatchee, $200,000, sold to Nikolas G. McDonald

Feb. 27

Ozzie J. and Betty J. Reeves, 8 Glendale St. N.E., East Wenatchee, $140,000, sold to Michael Pottorff

Feb. 28

Alice M. Adams, 10 Elgin Ave., Rock Island, $220,000, sold to Angelica Estrada Hernandez

DK Baker Holdings LLC, 520 11th St. N.E. #18, East Wenatchee, $295,000, sold to Pam J. Hille

Richard L. and Tina L. Zaldivar, 2475 S. Smith Lake Road, Coulee Dam, $383,000, sold to Emily H. and Jeremiah D. Lueck

Judith Wyssen, 220 W. Walnut St., Waterville, $74,000, sold to Eric Olson

Larry Carlson and Sharon Morris Co-Trustees, 411 19th St. N.E. #10, East Wenatchee, $535,000, sold to Thomas and Robin A. Legel

Jeffrey J. Paul, 2604 Semolina Loop, East Wenatchee, $325,500, sold to Dustin D. Millett and Rayanne N. Grim

Stephanie Duchossois, 1503 Eastmont Ave., East Wenatchee, $415,000, sold to Ralph and Elizabeth Davis

Robert A. and Sara L. Biles, 151 23rd St. N.W., East Wenatchee, $765,000, sold to Phillip C. and Rachael I. Detering

Douglas County land sales

Feb. 6

Riverview Ranch N.W., Inc., 11 13th St. S.E., East Wenatchee, $151,900, 1 acre, sold to Harold N. and Michelle A. Signett

Feb. 7

Donovan R. and Laura L. Mounter, 2924 N. Brysen Drive, East Wenatchee, $125,000, 0.39 acres, sold to Slipstream LLC

Jessup Home Design Inc., 765 S. Perry Ave., East Wenatchee, $135,000, 0.27 acres, sold to DJ Custom Homes Inc.

Sherry and Thomas W. Hoem, parcel number 58000004000, Ida St., Brewster, $8,000, 0.14 acres, sold to Mario Xhurape Vargas

Feb. 10

Wenatchee Riverview LLC, 3500 and 3630 N.W. Empire Ave. and parcel number 23202710023, Fir Ave. (three parcels), East Wenatchee, $3,400,000, 37.65 acres, sold to Pronghorn LLC

Merilyn Warner, parcel number 23203440029, East Wenatchee, $180,000, 0.93 acres, sold to Pronghorn LLC

Feb. 11

Dixie Dringman and Richard Thompson Jr., 6551 Keane Grade Road, East Wenatchee, $450,000, 10 acres, sold to Porfirio Gonzalez Jr. and Kady Gonzalez

Feb. 12

Dick D. and Bonny M. Ludeman, parcel number 26233320003, Waterville, $75,000, 157.98 acres, sold to Glenn D. and Loretta J. Ludeman

Feb. 14

Sim and Viola R. Brooks Estate, 637 Highway 173, Bridgeport, $52,000, 2.17 acres, sold to Alejandro Gutierrez

William R. and Molly A. Jeffers, 315 S. Greene St., Waterville, $47,000, 0.47 acres, sold to Megan Peterson

Feb. 19

Hanson Home Construction LLC, 659 S. Newton Ave., East Wenatchee, $507,900, 0.29 acres, sold to Vidal and Maria Joya

Feb. 20

Kyle S. and Genelle A. Pepple, 20 Peaceful Pine Lane, East Wenatchee, $85,000, 5.09 acres, sold to Yerlin and Reyna Cruz

Feb. 21

Jonathan Leon Rodriguez Araya and Natalie Lynn Araya, parcel number 82000500700, Waterville, $1,500, 1.1 acres, sold to Rimrock Meadows Association

Jessup Home Design Inc., 713 S. Perry Ave., East Wenatchee, $135,000, 0.33 acres, sold to Corey and Lindsay Kane

Feb. 24

Penfold Estates LLC, 2401 New Penfold Court, East Wenatchee, $82,000, 0.28 acres, sold to CMH Homes Inc.

Feb. 26

Jessup Home Design Inc., 733 S. Perry Ave., East Wenatchee, $130,000, 0.27 acres, sold to Timberwood Homes LLC

Feb. 27

John R. and Joan M. Digiacomo, 121 N. Shore Drive, Chelan, $170,000, 0.81 acres, sold to Kevin and Kim Johnson

Fourth Street Development LLC, 446 S. Kansas Loop, East Wenatchee, $52,000, 0.09 acres, sold to Shirley Dunlap

Feb. 28

Collin Knell, 260 Lakeview Place, Orondo, $78,000, 0.15 acres, sold to Robert and Terry Huntley

Pedro Gomez and Laura Diaz, parcel numbers 23200130001 and 23201110013 (two parcels), East Wenatchee, $85,000, 58 acres, sold to Michael Valencia

Sage Homes LLC, 2117 S. Melody Lane, East Wenatchee, $332,386, 0.16 acres, sold to Stephen R. and Nicole Rae Dobron

Prime Properties LLC, 2117 S. Melody Lane, East Wenatchee, $27,514, 0.16 acres, sold to Stephen R. and Nicole Rae Dobron

Jeremiah Joseph Pierce, parcel number 53700001000, Waterville, $11,000, 8.18 acres, sold to J. Jesus Tovar Saucedo