Chelan County commercial sales

Jan. 4

Pete Olson, 135 N. Mission St. and Property ID 18283, 18284, 18285 (four parcels), Wenatchee, $1,050,000, sold to CBWP LLC

Jan. 11

Evergreen Property Management Inc., 105 Lavender Court, Wenatchee, $3,143,800, sold to WA Jolla LLC

Jan. 14

Mt. Stuart Property Management LLC, 10171 Chumstick Highway B, Leavenworth, $490,000, sold to Multicare Medical Services LLC

Jerald Isenhart Trust, 217 E Woodin Ave and 217 E. Woodin Ave. 1A and 2A (four parcels), Chelan, $1,100,000, sold to Mikeduke LLC

Grand Columbia Council, 213 N. Chelan Ave., Wenatchee, $250,000, sold to Holmberg Holdings LLC

Jan. 15

Kim L. and Carol J. Buchanan, 525 S. Mission St. 1, Wenatchee, $475,000, sold to B & G Ventures LLC

Jan. 21

Sharon L. Lukacs, 304 E. Wapato Ave., Chelan, $750,000, sold to Andrew and Renae Cowan

Jan. 22

Robert E. and Karen M. Sweeney, 918 E. Johnson Ave., Chelan, $415,000, sold to Chelan HQ LLC

Jan. 26

Kimberly Nguyen et al, 526 S. Wenatchee Ave., Wenatchee, $175,000, sold to Daniel W. and Christine M. Rice

Jan. 27

International Church Four Square, 16 S. Wenatchee Ave., Wenatchee, $325,000, sold to Huston Rose LLC

Bob and Julie Stirling, 410 S. Worthen St., Wenatchee, $500,000, sold to Sage Hills Property LLC

Chelan County residential sales

Jan. 2

Carly T. Hunter et al, 1008 Harvard Ave., Wenatchee, $347,000, sold to Matthew A. Brannon

Jan. 4

Deanna P. Garton, 715 E. Johnson Ave., Chelan, $181,000, sold to Stephanie M. Miller

Landruff E. and Kimberly J. Trent, 2492 Summit Blvd., Manson, $305,000, sold to Howie and Elena Te

Gerald R. Moro, 1119 Monitor Ave., Wenatchee, $205,000, sold to Lixia Liu

John T. and Jan M. Little Trustees, 1227 S. Mission St. A., Wenatchee, $210,000, sold to Rene and Norma Hernandez

Stefan J. Snyder and Kirsten M. Chissus, 659 Gehr St., Wenatchee, $419,900, sold to William and Whitney Gahringer

Jan. 5

Steven D. and Sharon G. Patonai, 322 W. Woodin Ave. 625, Chelan, $260,000, sold to Piper Landing Living Trust

Anita M. Wachholz, 628 Marian Ave., Wenatchee, $360,000, sold to Alejandra I. and Antonio Sanchez

Carol Larson-Roth, 401 Oregon St., Wenatchee, $254,000, sold to Earl B. and Coreen Tilly

Jason Thomas Grinstead, 3028 Conarty Road, Malaga, $325,000, sold to Roman G. Gutierrez

Jan. 6

Steve S. and Tarri L. Edmonson, 179 Red Hill Road, Ardenvoir, $585,000, sold to Garrett B. and Jenae N. Churchill

Jan. 7

Karlynn Funk, 121 E. Mountain Brook Lane, Wenatchee, $759,900, sold to Ian A. B. and Cory J. Turner

Allan C. Krakora et al, 480 Alpine Place L1, Leavenworth, $370,000, sold to Billie Jo and William S. Quiring

S. Kelly Stephens, 60 S. Lakeshore Road 1C, Chelan, $450,000, sold to Lesley Allan et al

Jan. 8

Monica A. Brincefield, 921 Princeton Ave., Wenatchee, $345,000, sold to Nahum Gonzalez and Olivia Acevedo Mendoza

Mario and Elizabeth Cantu, 914 Saddlerock Drive, Wenatchee, $290,000, sold to Thomas Baxter et al

Michael and Donna Dick, 2025 Sleepy Hollow Heights, Wenatchee, $875,000, sold to Creon R. and Bonnie S. Nims

Peggy Lee Ritch, 8402 Lake St., Peshastin, $305,000, sold to Rod L. and Becky R. Smith

Eider Properties LLC, 430 S. 2nd St., Chelan, $3,300,000, sold to Chelan Second Street LLC

Thomas C. Pemberton and Judith A.P. Baratta, 1700 Okanogan Ave., Wenatchee, $345,000, sold to Sherrie L. Harlow

Jan. 11

Wanda S. Burris Trustee, 104 Dana St., Wenatchee, $535,000, sold to William H. and Marilyn G. Linterman

Pamela J. Gann, 527 Walker Ave., Wenatchee, $200,000, sold to Tylor Graves

Brian R. and Denise M. Gallup, 450 Canyon Ranch Road, Manson, $545,000, sold to Cheryl J. Cornwell

Jan. 12

Hazen L. Free, 5701 Evergreen Drive and Property ID 21909, Evergreen Drive (two parcels), Cashmere, $544,000, sold to Tucker Furniss and Sara Germain et al

Stan R. and Kathy Sadler, 4135 Knowles Road, Wenatchee, $665,000, sold to Darrin J. and Nery R. Rylaarsdam

Randall R. Dinwiddie, 222 Silver Bay Road, Stehekin, $850,000, sold to Shawn E. and Mary E. Haynes

Greggory G. and Faith E. Richards, 2535 Methow St., Wenatchee, $699,900, sold to Ahmad S. Emneina and Nehal Osman

Holmberg Holdings LLC, 321 N. Sanders St., Chelan, $340,000, sold to Shane M. Crockett

Jan. 13

Jordanne V. Beckwith Barros, 404 Ramona Ave., Wenatchee, $415,000, sold to Kyle G. and Karolyn U. Carey

Efrain R. Hurtado, 714 Princeton Ave., Wenatchee, $184,000, sold to Jaime Ramirez Hurtado

Annie Hampson Trustee, 305 N. Franklin Ave., Wenatchee, $106,700, sold to Cindy B. Johnson et al

Korey and Michelle Rosvold, 1206 Utah St., Wenatchee, $303,000, sold to Gina Shaw

Terry T. Henke, 1710 Warm Springs Drive, Wenatchee, $649,900, sold to Zachary Parker

Estate of David M. Klinger, 525 Alpine Place C2, Leavenworth, $395,000, sold to Sumeet Gupta and Sonal Mittal

Coleman Sherman Real Estate Investments LLC, 755 Cashmere St., Wenatchee, $175,000, sold to Boardwalk Property Solutions LLC

James R. and Laurel L. Ghiglia, 1016 Columbine St., Wenatchee, $379,900, sold to Stephen C. Robey et al

Jan. 14

Barbara Kuhlman, 240 Pennsylvania Ave., Wenatchee, $125,000, sold to Element Homes LLC

David M. and Shirley M. Hulligan, 5790 Pine Flats Loop Road, Dryden, $470,000, sold to Douglas L. and Tomma L. Rosser

Scott D. and Leslie A. Hargrove, 117 W. Highland Ave., Chelan, $445,000, sold to John Chiappone et al

Mary G. Beneze, 710 Upper Trails Road, Chelan, $365,000, sold to Darren J. Perri

Gary R. and Marga H. Nelson, 24 N. Western Ave., Wenatchee, $675,000, sold to Peter B. and Maria E. Holman

Wayne A. and Anita E. Burchett, 1005 Walker Ave., Wenatchee, $7,000, sold to Sara Harbury

Putnum Properties LLC, 117 W. Whitman St. A, Leavenworth, $540,000, sold to Marc-Andre Bechtel and Malia Greening

Jan. 15

Steven E. and Karen M. Tidball JTRS, 3026 Memory Lane, Lake Wenatchee, $450,000, sold to Edwin Y. Chang and Grace H. Lee

Karl E. and Paula K. Nelson, 18727 Pine Loop, Plain, $278,000, sold to John Schweizer and Courtney Mc Shane

Darren J. Perri, 355 N. Shore Court, Manson, $320,000, sold to Mary G. Beneze

James and Sara Walker, 180 Vine Maple Lane, Plain, $145,000, sold to Brent W. and Melanie C. Corey

Jan. 16

Ramiro Garcia and Lurdes Mendoza, 705 Schons Place, Wenatchee, $125,000, sold to Rocky Montes

Triple R Construction LLC, 19 Joshua Lane, Wenatchee, $875,000, sold to Paul O. Conner

Jan. 19

Jacob Riedel, 1100 Vista Place X, Wenatchee, $235,000, sold to John H. Hayes III and Charisma A. Hayes

Jan. 20

Matthew A. and Rachel M. Evey, 1360 Utah Court, Wenatchee, $341,000, sold to David Morgan

Timothy S. and Barbara S. Dunn, 118 N. Delaware Ave., Wenatchee, $479,000, sold to Matthew Morris

Ross and Cheryl E. Adams, 8360 Jefferies St., Peshastin, $70,000, sold to Lonna and T.C. West

Miguel Belonis and Luciann Brady, 11155 S. Lakeshore Road 6B, Chelan, $159,000, sold to Michelle I. and Michael J. Lane

Jan. 21

Lynn and Sue Ahrens, 303 ½ Whitman St., Leavenworth, $320,000, sold to Andy L. and Jennifer S. Barber

Alan A. Wakeland, 2065 Lakeshore Drive, Entiat, $215,000, sold to Justin C. and Holly J. Pickens

Todd and Kelly Mulvahill, 17015 Lupine Drive, Lake Wenatchee, $520,000, sold to Ole Evenson Generation Skipping Trust

Christopher J. and Emily K. Bowen, 23105 Saddle St., Plain, $685,830, sold to Christopher M. Moore et al

No See-Um Orchards, 906 No See Um Road, Chelan, $300,000, sold to Lawrence Cellars Land LLC

Jorge and Patricia Torres, 1016 S. Mission St., Wenatchee, $255,000, sold to Mayra I. Ramos

Judith A.P. Baratta and Thomas C. Pemberton, 1767 Brambling Brae Lane, Wenatchee, $625,000, sold to Deborah L. Cahill and Guy S. Page

Jan. 22

Terrence J. and Connie J. Verellen, 64 Highway 150, Chelan, $282,500, sold to Ty P. Miller

Michael R. Hilscher, 810 Monroe St., Wenatchee, $290,000, sold to Debra P. Kortze

Jan. 25

Cigroup LLC, 121 Ambrosia Lane, Malaga, $325,000, sold to Audrey L. and Aaron D. Bessonette

Nan LLC, 121 Ambrosia Lane, Malaga, $60,000, sold to Audrey L. and Aaron D. Bessonette

Benoyd LLC, 121 Ambrosia Lane, Malaga, $20,000, sold to Audrey L. and Aaron D. Bessonette

Menoyd LLC, 121 Ambrosia Lane, Malaga, $20,000, sold to Audrey L. and Aaron D. Bessonette

Jan. 26

Peter B. and Maria E. Holman, 1800 Cumbo Court, Wenatchee, $430,000, sold to Michael and Julianna Pulliam

Nicholas and Erin Musser, 3156 Hansel Lane, Peshastin, $410,000, sold to Andrew D. Rigazio et al

Archibald Investments LLC, 5110 Regan Road, Cashmere, $350,000, sold to Mark S. and Shaunta A. Smith

Robert L. West III, 9703 North Road, Peshastin, $315,000, sold to Aleksandar and Jessica Jarcev

Phillip L. and Linda D. Lopeman, 9109 Highway 97A, Entiat, $525,000, sold to Gavin M. Burnett et al

Kristin and Michael Cantiberos, 2638 Cottonwood Lane, Lake Wenatchee, $630,000, sold to Patricia K. Atkinson et al

Steven E. Olsen, 103 N. Evergreen St., Chelan, $510,000, sold to Vietnam L. Huynh and Holly R. Walker

Kevin and Janan Whelan, 580 3rd St., Chelan Falls, $100,000, sold to Wesley M. and Mary E. Sherer

James O. Courtney, 8552 Stehekin Valley Road, Stehekin, $93,000, sold to Clifford G. Courtney

Jan. 27

Ronald H. and Deborah A. Crenshaw, 6815 Highway 97, Peshastin, $400,000, sold to Warren L. and Edith M. Hills

Jacquie Arriza, 1388 Totem Pole Road 1, Manson, $495,000, sold to Mill Bay Marine & Storage LLC

Jose L. and Maria G. Alejo, 1448 Washington St., Manson, $475,000, sold to Robert York et al

Randy O’Banion, 38 Viewdale Ave., Wenatchee, $155,000, sold to Irvin J. Lugo-Sanchez et al

Jan. 28

Kevin Hanson and Casey King, 1811 Orchard Ave., Wenatchee, $500,000, sold to Marti Elder

Steven G. and Jeanne M. Irland, 542 Laurie Drive, Wenatchee, $686,000, sold to Ian M. and Sarah X. Fitzgerald

Kenneth R. and Julie Y. Cleveland, 380 Chelan Ave., Chelan Falls, $295,000, sold to Mark W. and Kasmira D. Elliot

Mark and Vivianne Lounsbury, 1354 Pitcher Canyon Road, Wenatchee, $692,000, sold to Andrew and Tamara Gingerich

Gerardo L. Moreno, 9982 Saska Way, Entiat, $482,000, sold to Pamela and Michael Gore

A Home Doctor Inc., 19 Margaux Loop, Malaga, $417,000, sold to Carrie and Daniel Graffis

Jan. 29

Thomas Fox and Gordon Ardith, 8670 Icicle Road, Leavenworth, $380,000, sold to David V. and Taylor K. Summers

June J. Handschke, 11853 Chumstick Highway, Leavenworth, $225,000, sold to Stephen L. and Paula M. Lemons

Christopher J. and Jennifer A. Hoffman, 22005 Stirrup Road, Plain, $439,000, sold to Luis A. and Mallory Acosta

Katherine Nielsen et al, 522 E. Johnson Ave. and Property ID 68482 E. Johnson Ave. (two parcels), Chelan, $310,000, sold to Robin Burroughs et al

Jan. 30

Candice Burt, 63 Windy Willow Lane, Leavenworth, $595,000, sold to Christopher J. and Jennifer A. Hoffman

Chelan County land sales

Jan. 4

Pine Shadow Land Company LLC, 978 Spring Mountain Drive, Wenatchee, $130,000, 0.26 acres, sold to Stephen and Noriko Mayo

Jan. 5

Scott Schab, Property ID 48953, 48954, 48955, 48956 and 48957 (five parcels), Chelan, $575,000, 100 acres, sold to Endurance Investments LLC

Kathryn May Ricardi, 187 Pershing Circle, Wenatchee, $115,000, 0.13 acres, sold to MTNS LLC

McKittrick Place LLC, 239, 235, 231, 227, 223, 219, 215, 211, 207, 203, 155, 151, 147, 143, 139, 135, 131, 127, 123, 119, 240 and 236 Sienna Road (22 parcels), Wenatchee, $2,860,000, 3.13 acres, sold to Sienna 41 LLC

Jan. 6

James and Saundra Stringer, 6652 Forest Ridge Drive, Wenatchee, $125,000, 0.5 acres, sold to Brent L. and Sara L. Roberts

John Ford Jr. and Wynell Ford, 52 Luther Court, Malaga, $405,000, 0.46 acres, sold to Jeremy and Melissa Kelley

Jan. 7

Eric and Billie Langford, 3086 Lakeshore Drive, Manson, $114,500, 0.75 acres, sold to Jerome J. and Kami S. Otis

Puget Sound Quality Construction Inc., 754 Cloudless Drive, Manson, $640,000, 0.28 acres, sold to Yvonne J. and Nicholas L. Walker

Elizabeth A. Tigert, 9972 Saska Way, Entiat, $394,900, 0.23 acres, sold to Elizabeth J. Abel and Dallas P. Brabant

Clinton and Nancy Baker et al, 139 Apple Ave., Chelan, $180,000, 0.28 acres, sold to Sergio Lozano and Ma de Lourdes

Jan. 8

Brad and Jody Vinson, Property ID 40168 and 40176 (two parcels), Chelan, $519,000, 2.67 acres, sold to M & D Lakefront LLC

Jan. 11

Larry R. and Kathleen M. Shutt, Property ID 51165, Chelan, $80,000, 20 acres, sold to Chad and Katrina Waag

Lindsey N. Harvey, 7343 Nahahum Canyon Road, Cashmere, $157,000, 5.04 acres, sold to Bethany Hayes

Trueroot4 LLC, Property ID 67334, Upper Joe Creek Road, Manson, $135,000, 5.01 acres, sold to Katherine M. and Craig A. Church

Grover L. Collins Orchard Inc., 78 Apple Acres Road, Chelan, $2,155,500, 11.31 acres, sold to HMJD-Collins LLC

Jan. 13

Tyee L. and Amber N. Zacher, 100 Hassan St., Cashmere, $105,000, 0.22 acres, sold to Aaron P. and Heather R. Johnston

PGS, Property ID 31865, Cashmere, $75,000, 20 acres, sold to Hans and Bree Hoomans

Scott H. and Diane C. Earney, Property ID 50680, Swartout Road, Manson, $215,000, 0.47 acres, sold to Nancy G. Culliton

Jan. 14

SBG Holdings LLC, 20644 Miracle Mile, Lake Wenatchee, $144,000, 0.31 acres, sold to R & M Builders LLC

Steve and Pamela Sorlagas, Property ID 65271, Entiat, $59,000, 0.97 acres, sold to Pavel and Zhanna Andreyanov et al

Onuma P. Miller, Property ID 67657, Manson, $120,000, 5.28 acres, sold to David Donovick

Jan. 15

Herman J. and Veronica Jones, 17384 Chumstick Highway, Leavenworth, $165,000, 3.42 acres, sold to Samantha Simmons and Nicholas S. Romero

William J. and Lynn L. Fass, 311 Clos Chevalle Road, Chelan, $342,500, 0.66 acres, sold to Jennifer A. Olson and Duncan J. Wilk

Hilcreek LLC, 190 Hillcreek Lane, Wenatchee, $152,000, 1.53 acres, sold to Erik and Krista Hampton

Elizabeth Fowler Swanson Trustee, Property ID 32787, Leavenworth, $349,000, 81.33 acres, sold to Benjamin E. Tunberg Rogoza et al

Jan. 19

Salvador Alvarez and Ma Sanchez, 2893 Sierra Blvd., Malaga, $70,000, 0.23 acres, sold to Daniel and Irma Arroyo

A Home Doctor Inc., 161 Margaux Loop, Malaga, $357,500, 0.29 acres, sold to German and Melina Mendoza

Jan. 20

Richardson Goldmines Inc., Property ID 18964, Peshastin, $47,900, 19.48 acres, sold to Levi Buttrey

Pine Shadow Land Co. LLC, 982 Spring Mountain Drive, Wenatchee, $115,000, 0.19 acres, sold to Aleksandr and Irina Burda

Jan. 21

Paul Gallagher, 1458 Sunset Ridge Lane, $160,000, 30.93 acres, sold to Jill Malone

Laurie R. Clayton, 288 Coopers Hawk Lane, Leavenworth, $595,000, 5.04 acres, sold to Christina H. Clark

Jan. 22

Stephen J. Burpee, 3969 Highway 97, Peshastin, $55,000, 1 acre, sold to Paul T. Johnson et al

Dominic and Natalie D’Angelo, 149 Milan Drive, Manson, $134,900, 0.49 acres, sold to Puget Sound Quality Construction Inc.

Chelan Lookout LLLP, 259 Bobcat Lane, Chelan, $238,000, 0.08 acres, sold to Andrew Dihn

Jan. 25

Matthew R. McClellan and Rachel L. Richter, 25505 Riata St., Plain, $13,000, 0.26 acres, sold to Scott Seiter and Alisa Claeys

Timberwood Homes LLC, 290 Burch Hollow Lane, Wenatchee, $174,990, 0.42 acres, sold to Henri and Judith Van Someren Greve

Levi Kubeldis, Property ID 67928, Leavenworth, $127,000, 20.02 acres, sold to Scramble LLC

Jan. 26

Eider Construction LLC, Property ID 21052 and 21313 (two parcels), Cashmere, $625,000, 7.2 acres, sold to TB Development LLC et al

Weyerhaeuser Company, 10383 Mud Creek Road and Property ID 37039 (two parcels), Entiat, $279,000, 304.66 acres, sold to Steve S. and Tarri L. Edmonson

Jack P. Richardson Trust, Property ID 38048, Lake Wenatchee, $105,000, 1 acre, sold to Shane and Stephanie Wise

Vyacheslav and Liliya Stepanov, Property ID 48959, Chelan, $62,500, 20 acres, sold to Brent G. and Alayne E. Thiel

Clifford G. and Kerry L. Courtney, Property ID 52071, Stehekin, $93,000, 2.14 acres, sold to James O. Courtney

Karol Towers, Property ID 68422, Joe Miller Road, Malaga, $95,000, 2.04 acres, sold to Ricardo Valencia Perez and Maria Arceo Sanchez

Jan. 27

Carrie Jordan et al, Property ID 29070, Leavenworth, $225,000, 0.34 acres, sold to Michael O. and Holly K. Doyle Trust

Jan. 28

James K. Vossbeck, 2890 Scenicview Drive, Wenatchee, $155,900, 2.22 acres, sold to Pacific Relish LLC

Richard and Julie Simpson, Property ID 41090, Chelan, $350,000, 8.97 acres, sold to Steve A. Aichinger Jr. and Angela D. Aichinger

Richard Simpson et al, Property ID 41091, Chelan, $250,000, 9.02 acres, sold to William and Marcy Hericks

Jeanne D. Giddings, 720 3rd St., Chelan Falls, $70,000, 0.15 acres, sold to Nanci Calderon and Primitivo Calderon Arreola

Jonathan P. and Angela L. Delvo, Property ID 62690, Wenatchee, $185,000, 1.3 acres, sold to Cory J. Bartheld and Lauren E. Friesen

Jan. 29

Aaron and Charmaine Rosenberger, 15013 Highway 97A, Entiat, $259,000, 2.18 acres, sold to Slate Rock and Gravel LLC

Ingrid and Larson Floor, 101 Crestline Place and 341 Orchard View Drive (two parcels), Chelan, $200,000, 1.94 acres, sold to Tsillan View Properties LLC

Jeff McDonald and Alison Talbot, 9988 Saska Way, Entiat, $79,500, 0.24 acres, sold to Kim and Lorrie Kelley

John E. Lally III and Tara J. Lally, 132 Mayer Drive, Chelan, $204,000, 0.28 acres, sold to Bill and Marilyn Bates

J & K Earthworks LLC, 286 Aria Lane, Wenatchee, $189,000, 5 acres, sold to Brennen Balcom

Douglas County commercial sales

Jan. 15

Dirt Guru LLC, 100 11th St. N.E. Suite A, East Wenatchee, $350,000, sold to CH2 Development LLC

Jan. 29

Candace M. Jones and Catherine V. Smith, 115 W. Locust St., Waterville, $225,000, sold to Jessica Gray

Douglas County residential sales

Jan. 4

Nathan Z. Gapan, 116 Falcon Ridge Road, Waterville, $85,000, sold to Brenda A. and Cameron K. Tsuhako

Jan. 5

Oweedajean Letourneau, 212 Broadmoor St. N.W., East Wenatchee, $342,000, sold to Katryn E. Strauch and Daniel W. Munholand

Jan. 6

Daniel and Rhonda Smith, 580 W. Emerson Drive, Orondo, $325,000, sold to Jason and Heidi Lindsey

Jan. 7

Park Condominiums LLC, 667 4th St. N.E. #K103, East Wenatchee, $182,750, sold to Guadalupe L. Hernandez

Earl R. Slorey Estate, 529 Morning View Circle, East Wenatchee, $220,000, sold to Brenda J. Ward

Jan. 8

Mayra Rivera, 929 Maple St. Space 103, Bridgeport, $2,500, sold to Cecelia Martinez Martinez

Cecilia Martinez Martinez, 1255 Fairview Ave. Space 17, Bridgeport, $2,500, sold to Jessica Rodriguez

David L. and Nicole I. Patty, 529 N. Nile Ave., East Wenatchee, $451,000, sold to Conner Eugene and Allie Nicole Walsh

Marilee D. Combs, 93 N. Shore Drive, Chelan, $799,500, sold to Laura A. and Jeffrey J. Sell

Walter E. and Effie A. Backus, Trustees, 445 Hawthorn Court N.W., East Wenatchee, $489,900, sold to Constance L. Ballard

Jan. 11

Joey C. Dale, Estate of Ruby M. Dale and Shirley D. Mueller, 100 Simon St. #21, East Wenatchee, $183,000, sold to Ruth Ann Miller

Michael J. and Synthia Alex O’Neill, 85 Red Hawk Drive, Orondo, $290,000, sold to Thomas Walsh and Sidney B. Scott

Jan. 12

Melba J. Lisenbey Estate, 7 Ida St. and parcel number 58000000400 (two parcels), Brewster, $77,500, 0.42 acres, sold to Viviano Espinoza and Fidelina Trujillo Saucedo

Jan. 13

Richard A. Powell et al, 1617 Fairview Ave., Bridgeport, $315,000, sold to William and Corazon Hanna

Jan. 14

Carlo Joseph and Karina Ruth Narduzzi, 2487 Plateau Drive, East Wenatchee, $470,000, sold to Laura Karakash

Robert N. Couch, 2495 Harvester Loop, East Wenatchee, $374,900, sold to Michael and Carmen Bos

Melvin J. and Linda L. Hansen, 2362 Grand Ave., East Wenatchee, $665,900, sold to Trent D. and Taralyn M. Moyers

Dannie R. and Linda L. Erie, 2377 Silo Drive, East Wenatchee, $410,000, sold to John W. and Shawna K. Pringle

Devon Apartments LLC, 109 N. Chelan Ave. Apt. 1-8, Waterville, $300,000, sold to Dixon Apartments North, LLC

Jan. 15

David and Danielle Andrews, 227 4th St. S.E., East Wenatchee, $305,000, sold to Adrian Urrutia, Juan Urrutia Reyes and Maria Estela Martinez

Joaquin and Evangelina A. Arellano, 3900 Sunset Highway, East Wenatchee, $172,150, sold to Leticia M. Bahena and Alfredo Lopez Vasquez

Park Condominiums LLC, 667 4th St. N.E. #K102, East Wenatchee, $175,000, sold to Alexander D. Mueser

Jan. 19

Cainen J. Buchanan and Keisha L. Huff, 108 Hanna Place, Rock Island, $292,000, sold to Matthew R. Hurd

George Omar and Sheri Ann Ruiz, 1539 N. Anne Ave., East Wenatchee, $385,000, sold to Matthew Michelsen

Matthew Michelsen, 781 Melbourne Court, East Wenatchee, $352,450, sold to Clifton and Lokelani Costales

Landon J. Scott, 2451 Plateau Drive, East Wenatchee, $395,000, sold to Sirva Relocation Credit LLC

Sirva Relocation Credit LLC, 2451 Plateau Drive, East Wenatchee, $395,000, sold to Todd K. Avis and Julie A. Burdick

Linda R. King Estate, 789 N. Jonathan Ave., East Wenatchee, $160,000, sold to Marlena D. Morningstar

Carlos and Juana Maria Mejia, 2974 N. Baker Ave., East Wenatchee, $561,000, sold to Kevin and Tiffany Ross

Jan. 20

Seferino Perez Monge, 929 Maple St. Space 20, Bridgeport, $20,250, sold to Janet Galarza Cisneros

Ian M. Flippen, 816 12th St. N.E., East Wenatchee, $376,000, sold to Deborah L. Willet and J. Colleen Berry

Joshua A. Munyon, 1305 Bel Air Drive, East Wenatchee, $389,900, sold to David K. Carlson and Lisa A. Stedt

Jan. 21

Sim Brooks Estate, 635 Highway 173, Bridgeport, $145,000, sold to Sebastian C. Osorio and Meliza Y. Sanchez Osorio

Park Condominiums LLC, 667 4th St. N.E. #K201, East Wenatchee, $182,500, sold to Amanda R. Schield

Jan. 22

Cheryl L. Kimball, 1765 S. Kent Plaza, East Wenatchee, $160,000, sold to Lynn and Cheryle Perry

Brandon and Alexandra Flynn, 1330 Wheatridge Drive, East Wenatchee, $400,000, sold to Donaciano Ramirez Guerrero

CH Irrevocable Trust, 275 Tumbleweed Way, Ephrata, $52,000, sold to Nancy Ortiz and Nabor Navarro

Jan. 25

Timberwood Homes LLC, 836 S. Lamplight Lane, East Wenatchee, $724,990, sold to Brian J. and Kathryn J. Brennan

Mark D. Stringer, 560 W. Entiat Drive, Orondo, $315,000, sold to Todd and Sandra Sessions

Jeffrey W. Williams, 3949 N.E. Vista Del Rey Drive, East Wenatchee, $86,632, sold to Jeffrey W. Williams and Kimberly McCool

Jan. 26

Eruvey Camacho, 1800 Sunset Highway Space 38, East Wenatchee, $4,000, sold to Martina Rodriguez Iribe

Theresa Adkins-Cates, 210 Falcon Ridge Road, Waterville, $14,400, sold to Carl Craig

Yolanda Jimenez Nunez, 2248 Blackstone Court, East Wenatchee, $530,000, sold to Ernesto and Linda Albizu

Jan. 27

Deborah K. Winter, 15 S. Linden Ave., East Wenatchee, $300,000, sold to Steven Mathew and Lesley Ann Moses

Floyd R. Jones and Estate of Bobbye L. Runnels, 667 4th St. N.E. #L-104, East Wenatchee, $202,000, sold to Karl J. and Abigail A. Snyder

Jan. 28

Smith Family Trust, 601 Eastmont Ave., East Wenatchee, $719,900, sold to David E. and Lois E. Frick

Brett M. Reasor, 1600 Eastmont Ave., $510,000, sold to Adam and Kayla Osness

Darletta J. Gehrlein, 1731 9th St. N.E., East Wenatchee, $449,900, sold to William Edward and Mildred Ann Koger

Jan. 29

Michael J. Clifton, 1522 Eastmont Ave., East Wenatchee, $510,000, sold to Brian and Andrea Fisher

Ronald R. and Joy Marie Lewis, 2415 Foster Creek Ave., and parcel numbers 01400104000, 01400104100, 01400802100 and 01400802600 (five parcels), Bridgeport, $180,000, sold to Elvia Flores Leon and Guillermo Mendez Sanabria

Ismael and Teresa Torres, 434 23rd St. and parcel number 02500500300 (two parcels), Bridgeport, $174,500, sold to Gregorio Palacio Maciel and Martha Isidra Garcia

Brandi Anne Clardy, 857 N. Devon Ave., East Wenatchee, $305,000, sold to Jasmin Trujillo Hernandez and Lucina Schwarz

Carrie J. and Daniel P. Graffis, 3971 N.E. Vista Del Rey Drive, East Wenatchee, $352,000, sold to Kimberly Allison Englund

Daniel Townsley, 27 Ridge Road, Chelan, $775,000, sold to Joshua Hans Nasvik Trustee

Jan A. Sparks, 604 S. Jarvis Ave., East Wenatchee, $75,000, sold to John and Rachel Forsman

Kerry R. and Cris J. Lease, 1800 Columbia Cove Lane, East Wenatchee, $800,000, sold to Kathryn C. Lease and Bryce A. Smith

Douglas County land sales

Jan. 4

LNCE Solutions LLC, parcel number 82400008400, Mansfield, $9,499, 5.17 acres, sold to Tony Diaz

Sharmon Huber, 33 Evenhus Lane, Rock Island, $285,000, 25.31 acres, sold to Robert Whitham

Jan. 5

Robert Marsh, parcel number 81801503900, Coulee-Hartline, $3,500, 1.3 acres, sold to Rebekah Bobb

Robert Marsh, parcel number 81801504000, Coulee-Hartline, $3,500, 1.4 acres, sold to Clyde and Peggy Bobb

Jan. 6

John J. and Krystal Knowles, 337 Palisades Road, Palisades, $325,000, 21.02 acres, sold to Nancy Salgado Galeana and Delfino Salgado

Jan. 8

Paul A. Hampton, parcel number 27231010006, Chelan, $145,000, 40 acres, sold to Jeff Michael Roberts and Sara Catherine D’Onofrio

Sage Homes LLC, 2273 S. Mystical Loop, East Wenatchee, $266,000, 0.14 acres, sold to Terrence and Nellius Stern

Prime Properties LLC, 2273 S. Mystical Loop, East Wenatchee, $89,000, 0.14 acres, sold to Terrence and Nellius Stern

Jan. 11

Rimrock Meadows Association, parcel number 81701702800, Coulee-Hartline, $5,995, 1.12 acres, sold to Wilfrido Arteaga Guzman

Loren C. Glessner, parcel number 09900501400, Mansfield, $15,000, 0.21 acres, sold to Ricardo and Jamie Garcia

Jan. 12

Rodney A. and Bonnie M. Jacobs, 2055 Legacy Place S.E., East Wenatchee, $110,000, 0.19 acres, sold to Corey J. and Tanya L. Davis

Roger L. and Kay K. Helbling, parcel number 81400505400, Ephrata, $5,200, 1.01 acres, sold to Teodoro and Griselda Gonzalez

Jan. 13

Bryan and Rebecca McCarthy, parcel number 817020000600, Coulee-Hartline, $3,997, 1.54 acres, sold to Anthony S. J. Pounds Sterling, Jason J. Ross and Austin J. Jensen

Jan. 14

Ken Sattler, parcel number 30243110017, Brewster, $59,900, 39 acres, sold to Jeremy W. Clapp and Jessica McNeil

Jan. 15

Sage Homes LLC, 2263 S. Mystical Loop, East Wenatchee, $250,900, 0.12 acres, sold to Margaret E. Campbell

Prime Properties LLC, 2263 S. Mystical Loop, East Wenatchee, $89,000, 0.12 acres, sold to Margaret E. Campbell

Christopher L.F. and Mary Grace M. Mitchell, parcel number 81801401500, Coulee-Hartline, $5,495, 1.14 acres, sold to Michelle Irene Munden

Ackerman Construction Inc., 2610 Patriot Way S.E., East Wenatchee, $135,000, 0.27 acres, sold to James and Kathy Nosek

Ruben and Melantha Salcido, parcel numbers 09901002501, 09901002301, 09901000201, 09901002101, 09901000401 and 09901000100 (six parcels), Mansfield, $85,000, 1.16 acres, sold to DK Baker Holdings LLC

Sage Homes LLC, 2269 S. Mystical Loop, East Wenatchee, $290,900, 0.13 acres, sold to David Wakefield Family LLC

Prime Properties LLC, 2269 S. Mystical Loop, East Wenatchee, $89,000, 0.13 acres, sold to David Wakefield Family LLC

Jan. 19

Ivan and Beatriz Plaza, parcel number 01400601200, Bridgeport, $26,000, 0.18 acres, sold to Hugo Gomez Saucedo and Yesica Lozano Orozco

Robert C. Hankins and Kathleen F. Owens, parcel number 81801004200, Coulee-Hartline, $5,000, 1.87 acres, sold to Carlos J. and Jackie L. Meza

D & M Developments RVR1 LLC, 102 S. Valiant Drive, East Wenatchee, $159,900, 1.15 acres, sold to Neal and Sarah Safley

Jan. 20

Donovan R. and Laura L. Mounter, 2826 N. Brysen Drive, East Wenatchee, $170,000, 0.57 acres, sold to Kenneth J. and Shari D. McDonald

Jan. 21

HCD Homes LLC, 1451 N. Devon Ave., East Wenatchee, $359,900, 0.19 acres, sold to Juan Romo

Rice Family Enterprises LLC, parcel number 25281910006, Coulee-Hartline, $15,000, 20 acres, sold to Juan Jose Cuevas Jimenez and Gabriela Anguiano Gallardo

Jan. 22

Liberty Land Group LLC, parcel number 49800006000, Waterville, $30,900, 5.3 acres, sold to Charles Burnett

Jan. 25

Marilynn Lynn, fka Marilynn Rose, and Rick Lynn, 295 A Dezellem Hill Road and parcel number 29250940009 (two parcels), Bridgeport, $119,900, 24.56 acres, sold to Red Haven LLC

Jesse Fry, parcel number 81701300700, Coulee-Hartline, $2,500, 1.01 acres, sold to Landbrand Inc.

Jan. 26

Joyce Pearson, parcel number 82001202800, Waterville, $15,000, 1.67 acres, sold to Dana Charles Jones and Sharon Leigh Hanna

Jan. 27

William B. Lawrence, parcel number 41100003502, East Wenatchee, $260,000, 7.01 acres, sold to Jesus Murillo

Sage Homes LLC, 2259 S. Mystical Loop, East Wenatchee, $280,900, 0.12 acres, sold to Peter Sargent

Prime Properties LLC, 2259 S. Mystical Loop, East Wenatchee, $89,000, 0.12 acres, sold to Peter Sargent

Ruperto Munguia Martinez and Veronica Munguia Sanchez and Beta Y. Yadi, LLC, parcel number 81800904400, Coulee-Hartline, $20,000, 1.33 acres, sold to Celestino Castro

Jan. 28

Pilot Rock Ranch Estates LLC, 145 Banks Lake View Road, Coulee City, $59,999, 20 acres, sold to Wood Revocable Living Trust

Ackerman Construction Inc., 2651 7th St. S.E. and 2660 Patriot Way S.E. (two parcels), East Wenatchee, $280,000, 0.49 acres, sold to DJ Custom Homes Inc.

LNCE Solutions LLC, parcel number 81801002900, Coulee-Hartline, $4,500, 1.3 acres, sold to Tony E. and Gwinda L. Lutz

Nakata Orchards Inc., parcel numbers 75000005101 and 75000005200 (two parcels), East Wenatchee, $413,110, 9.18 acres, sold to Charles and Rikki Filyaw

Nakata Orchards Inc., parcel number 75000006100, East Wenatchee, $465,750, 10.35 acres, sold to Ackerman Construction Inc.

Nakata Orchards Inc., parcel number 75000005106, East Wenatchee, $193,950, 4.31 acres, sold to Tadd and Jamie Ackerman

Jan. 29

Pioneer Ridge LLC, parcel number 25211130001, Waterville, $75,000, 20.27 acres, sold to Waterville, LLC

Sage Homes LLC, 2255 S. Mystical Loop, East Wenatchee, $260,900, 0.14 acres, sold to Joanne and Roy Lin

Prime Properties LLC, 2255 S. Mystical Loop, East Wenatchee, $89,000, 0.14 acres, sold to Joanne and Roy Lin

LNCE Solutions LLC, parcel number 81801003000, Coulee-Hartline, $5,449, 1.61 acres, sold to Mike Goettl

Penfold Estates LLC, 2421 New Penfold Court, East Wenatchee, $67,500, 0.29 acres, sold to Danna Jones and Shirley M. Moore

Delira F. Taylor, 111 Rock Island Drive, Rock Island, $80,000, 0.29 acres, sold to 3DS Rice Group LLC

Davies Brothers Partnership, 76 Zanol Loop Road, Orondo, $150,000, 2.06 acres, sold to Panzone Orchards LLC