WENATCHEE — Here are eight of the housing developments and subdivisions currently in the works within the Wenatchee city limits, according to city officials. If all come to fruition it would add another 627 homes in the city.

McKittrick Place, now known as Sienna Heights, with 52 proposed lots in the development. Phase I, consisting of 22 patio-home lots, has been approved. The project has been purchased by Acme Homes, which will built out the entire project. Most of the buildings are single-family homes, connected at the garage. Future tracts include multi-family options. Phase II, with an additional 19 lots, is currently in review.

Beaconsfield, now known as Swift Springs, has 69 proposed lots. Phase 1, with 13 lots for single family homes, has been completed and homes are under construction by the owners/builders. Further phases have not been applied for. Remaining lots will be mostly single family lots with some multi-family lots along Springwater.

Pineshadow Subdivision has 37 proposed lots. The plat is mostly complete, with a number of homes already built. About 22 building permits have been issued for the development.

Broadview on the Canal II has nine single family lots proposed. It is currently in preliminary approval, with civil work underway.

Castle Heights has 52 lots proposed in the planned development. It is currently on hold, pending the project's resubmittal.

Rash Subdivision has 12 single-family lots proposed. It has received preliminary approval.

Triad Beaconsfield has 384 lots proposed, a mix of single family lots and some multi-family home options. It is currently in review.

Poplar Street Townhomes is a subdivision with 12 lots total, with 12 townhomes to be built across three lots. It is still in review.

Nevonne McDaniels: 664-7151