OK, it's time to start rounding the best and brightest of our region's young people for the annual 30 Under 35 awards.

This honor has allowed us to highlight some outstanding people over the years and the number of nominees and their quality has consistently grown. That has made iit extremely difficult to narrow it down to 30.

Here's how it works:

We will accept nomination all of May. Nominations are made through a form that can be found on the home page of The Wenatchee World website. To go directly to the form, follow this link: https://www.wenatcheeworld.com/30under35/

The more information you include about why this person is deserving as a member of the 30 Under 35 Class of 2018 the better.

So, don't just fill in the form and submit it. Use the comments box to give us something to refer to when picking the honorees.

The nominees can be up to 35 years old, as of this August. That means they can be 35. I know that seems obvious, but you might be surprised how often I get that question.

We're looking for people who have demonstrated that they have the stuff to be leaders of the future. Maybe they already are leaders. Maybe they're still in high school and are demonstrating they are the people to watch in the future.

They can be professionals in any field, from lawyers to teachers. Or they can be blue collar. In the past, we've honored young people ranging from those who started their own auto shops to artists.

The idea is achievement and potential. Being active in the community helps, as well.

Last year, we moved the awards ceremony to Pybus and opened it to the public. We drew a big crowd and it was a fun event, with a great Class of 2017, who were gracious, appreciative and clearly some of the bright young minds of our community.

They can't have been past honorees, so you might want to check with them before nominating. So, start thinking now about who you'd like to see receive this honor and be sure to nominate them before the end of May.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this edition of Business World. We take a good look at the Washington State University Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center in Wenatchee.

They've been doing work there for a long time that has played a huge role in the success of our tree fruit industry.

Also, I will note that this is the first edition of Business World without Mike Irwin as the lead writer. Mike retired in April and he certainly will be missed. He brought creative energy to this publication, interesting approaches to the many subjects we've covered and an engaging writing style.

We're very fortunate to have Nevonne McDaniels to step in for Mike in the lead writing role, She's a talented reporter and writer with an extensive business reporting background.